Huang Ping is obtained criticize the throughout the country policeman of the most beautiful basic level. See Zhen client is carried? Net of Shenzhen cattail allusion on December 5,深圳哪家酒店有桑拿 2019 dispatch (Yu Lei of Zhang Ling of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen’s reporte深圳悦来香论坛r dream of Shu of Xu Dianwei Liu) recently, china Communist News Ministry, the Ministry of Public Security begins ” policeman of the most beautiful basic level ” in learning propaganda, huang Ping of 深圳哪个洗浴中心能干policeman of terminal of examination of frontier defence of Shenzhen discrepancy condition is granted the whole nation ” policeman of the most beautiful basic level ” title, it is the whole nation after immigrant management system is established chief whole nation ” policeman of the most beautiful basic level ” . Each ” policeman of the most beautiful basic level ” rear, have the story of a paragraph of move one to praises and tears. Let us approach Huang Ping, he is in listen respectfully ordinary in those who play ” the most beautiful ” note. Ordinary job, be in everyday movement of reduplicative test and verify in July 2007, the station establishs check of edge of bay of Shenzhen of terminal of Shenzhen edge check to stand. This year, huang Ping of 44 years old is stood to check of Shenzhen bay edge by tone, become this throughout the country the first is carried out ” two check ” o深圳美丝秀按摩休闲ne of policemans with the oldest age in the omnibus overland port that examines pattern. In recent years, terminal of Shenzhen edge check is begun ” civilized emissary ” appr深圳沐足哪家黄aise through comparison, the respect such as speed, amount, quality and attitude of attending to guests was put to establish extremely high level in check. 2015, when深圳休闲会所668项目 yellow equal a unit of weight are on sprint forthwith ” civilized emissary ” the scratch line. In those days, yellow smooth check gives off condition personnel to amount to 190 thousand more than person-time, in terminal of Shenzhen edge check the be among the best of candidates in many 3600 censor. “Successful sprint ” gave Huang Ping greater faith and courage, 2018, yellow smooth check gives off condition personnel 150 thousand more than person-time, check of edge of house Shenzhen bay stands the first. Actually, huang Ping still created multinomial record. Come 37 years, huang Ping already check gives off condition personnel nearly 3 million person-time, without an accident, did not receive深圳罗湖海豚湾会所 a passenger to complain. 2015 good year 30, huang Ping is broken through identifying record of passenger discrepancy condition to be short of, become station of check of Shenzhen bay edge to seize passport of bogus false south Africa the first person. Check puts a foreigner to ask to censor quality extremely tall, want to have certain English dialog base, ask Qing Laihua purpose, come China the content such as destination; Want to have good vision, the English letter that reads Qing Dynasty is very smally… ask to get used to post, huang Ping carries small, write down above full commonly used English is conversational; Presbyopic glasses becomes his close friend, the look that passes through presbyopic glasses still biting. Current, huang Ping is one of old policemans that station of check of Shenzhen bay edge still fights to check a passageway to go up in the foreigner. 2013, terminal of Shenzhen edge check is begun ” business big training ” , o微信上的高端商务模特可信吗f all kinds exam makes the biggest challenge of yellow smooth vocational study. To computer operation heart is put ” awe-stricken ” Huang Ping thinks of a clumsy way, won’t title c龙岗休闲会可以两次opy go up in jotter, one have time to be taken out in light of, copied 4 thickly dotted big full finally. Later, huang Ping passes an exam with outstanding achievement, return in the team serve as 4 note technically ” encourage annals teaching material ” put in service superintend and director to guide be revealed on the stage. Equestrian travel a thousand li, do not wash silt. Those who study position ” full division report ” , let Huang Ping ” bottom energy of life is very ” land war i深圳中潜水疗会所飞机s in oneself ” most Zhong Yi ” on post. Honor is arduous to him paid commend and award, come 37 years, he early or late the result such as 5 Rong Lisan, have the honor to win terminal 4 times ” year civilization emissary ” title, have the honor to win terminal 2 times ” censor of year model frontier defence ” title, have the honor to win terminal ” 30 years of outstanding and consecratory award ” . Smooth be an upright person on the spot, in morning shift always because the age grows,the first check puts old policeman, can offer the post with the body requirement inferior requirement such as a few pairs of eyesig公明兴宝龙阁技师图片ht, physical strength, but Huang Ping never has been carried. In May 2017, station of check of Shenzhen bay edge plans to undertake to old policeman post is adjusted, huang Ping is like have premonition should be transferred, those a few days, he comes the time of the unit is earlier. “He everywhere st罗湖明珠baby体验报告age of perambulatory test and verify, doing seriously switch on the mobile phone, clear field, call the police the preparation such as 深圳新媛qmthe test works. ” attenti深圳向西村还有吗2019ve team leads those who be aware his heart is medium to be reluctant to leave, huang Ping stays finally in stage of test and verify. Encounter morning shift, huang Ping always appe磨棒服务是怎么做的ars on the stage the first class check is put, “Breakfast is the most important. Little sisters of brother letting younger brother have first, easy hunger gets the youth fast. ” be turn for when having breakfast, huang Ping often stays to finally, bale and so on of the biscuit that remain, steamed bread, fill in to protect clean aunt from what the country comes over to work stealthily. Such is happy that aid the Huang Ping of person, altruistic dedication, won authority respect. Every order comes down, the waist that helping ache up when Huang Ping walks along anteroom, always for years in water cup light ” alarm younger brother alarm younger sister people ” the black tea with good bubble, shui Wengang is good. October 2017, the unit cancelled to connect diligent car. At first, huang Ping builds suitable windmill of the work in the same placing to commute, do not sit to a year, “Always bother others, in the heart compunctious. ” Huang Ping decides to learn a car, “Special like envisaging a youth, free land drives commute. ” learn a car the first day, the coach says, age is so old still learn a car, come up against for the first time. Last a period of time 6 months, make-up examination two, huang Ping obtained a driver’s license eventually. Now, sitting to take the fellow worker of the car everyday on the car. “Troublesome not at all, empty wagons just is wasted. ” Huang Ping says. Next one page full text read 1 2