The height speaks, numerous business shows the scene reach fluctuation to swim industrial company controller and ginseng of trade public figure are met. Net of Shenzhen cattail allusion on December 4 dispatch (Huang Sailing of net of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) December 4-6 day, chinese business uses grand meeting of indication industry year — eleventh China (international) business is met with peak of leader of indication system industry (CBDS2019) &2019 Shenzhen (international) industry of wisdom indication system applies exposition (activity of 2019 ISVE) series can exhibit a center to hold in Shenzhen. Shenzhen business shows Bai Weimin of chairman of reputation of meeting yield hurried, national industry and electron of consumption of department of information of informatization ministry electron are in relevant controller, shenzhen business shows De Xuan of Guo of chairman of conference yield hurried, business of TCL senior vice president, China uses Shi Mowen of chairman of alliance of indication system industry, chief, friend amounts to Wang Yi of president of photoelectricity president Peng Shuanglang, the share that inspect a source related Shenzhen city industry and office of information of informatization bureau electron like that, Li Man iron, Haikangwei inspects president of Lei Manguang report vice-president, chen Rengui of Beijing east vice-president, and come from China for, letter of long rainbow, sea, achieve the global fine business such as dimension, Kang Jia to show learned man of delegate of enterprise honored guest, expert, media delegate, all circles personage such as investment orgnaization representing happilies gather under the same roof, show an industry for wisdom business better will hold round development in the arms tomorrow, in economy growth drops fast, the times that industrial transition upgrades conspires broken bureau. Meeting cent sets peak of this second CBDS cacique opening ceremony, advocate forum, special subject one019 China business shows industrial channel to change trend height forum and butt joint of TOP channel supply and demand meeting, special subject two019 China (international) business shows industrial technology congress, special subject threeBusiness of 019 China wisdom shows setting application and solution forum, entertainment evening banquet and China show award to award prize grand ceremony, look around exhibit meeting / the link such as business affairs communication, at the same time still arrangement is in before the meeting (on December 3) hold ” business of freeboard clear video promotes working informal discussion with indication application ” . Conference opening ceremony shows De Xuan of Guo of chairman of conference yield hurried to cause greeting decline by Shenzhen business, information of electron of ministry of national industry letter manages consumptive electron is in Ding Jie of deputy director general to cause opening decline. Banquet of opening ceremony, entertainment evening and China show award prize-giving grand ceremony to part Shenzhen is defended inspect famous compere He Jiafeng and Zheng Jiayi to chair, advocate forum shows Liang Yi of secretary-general of meeting yield hurried to chair by Shenzhen business, special subject one, 2, 3 respectively by before Hai Ronghua collects business of golden president Xie Tao, Shenzhen to show general manager of department of information of media of meeting yield hurried fertile business shows Feng Fei, Ao Weirui diplodocus of career department general manager colour. Wang Yi of president of the share that inspect a source like that, Wu Xiaoyao of president of Lang Guoke ability, friend amounts to photoelectricity president Lv Zaifeng of CEO of bounty of iron of Li Man of president of photoelectricity of Peng Shuanglang, Leiman, sunshine, grand combines science and technology, the main actor that brought wonderful confused to show for everybody makes a speech. Meanwhile, the conference still installed link of 2 heights dialog, inspect vice-president by Haikangwei Qian Xuefeng, big China president of Xuan of brave of river of stock vise general manager, vessel plum greatly, love of Xu Chen of president of deep heart colour, group achieve of La Dong of photoelectricity total section chief, sea to consider the market, and Taiwan is digital look board Zheng Qi深圳向西村还有吗2019anchi of multimedia alliance chairman, member of the Imperial Academy collects vice-president Xu Guoqing of the Lai Peishan of general manager of project of Shang Yongbing of group of Guo Ye, be of one mind, general manager that believe cheek, bright beautiful general manager Yang Xiannian, Kelunte, is supply and demand bilateral how complementary win-win, plan development? ” two big themes develop height dialogue, the wonderful scintilla that collision gives invites spot honored guests sedulous careful listen respectfully. Show industry year grand meeting as wisdom business, since CBDS cacique peak can be in Beijing to hold first meeting 2009 oneself, annual, already had held 10, got colleague of industry of leader, whole nation is mixed related various government of media friend approbate extensively! Successful experience of 10 years, for CBDS cacique the peak can accumulate rich resource base and experience. The eleventh this year the peak is met, conference dimensions relatively toward had again expand further. Not only meeting itself will have CBDS peak business of on countrywide each district 1000 wisdom shows industrial group, fluctuation to swim well-known company and character of each domain delegate participate relevant industry, expand on the foundation that the 2019 ISVE fair that the corresponding period holds also will exhibit a house 2018 exhibit a house to two, in order to contain giant scale extend a requirement. Butt joint of channel supply and demand is met. File of heavy pound of much portion of report of white paper, research, occupation standard is released centrally since 2019, chinese economy big environment is whole is added fast put delay significantly. To it synchronous, wisdom business showed an industry to also be entered adjust, shunt phase, open change, the high quality times that configuration upgrades. Come nearly more than 10 years, chinese business showed the rapid development of the industry to attract more and more attention and investment, not only the business of old brand shows an enterprise to carry get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh in the product ceaselessly, of market of civil home appliance low confuse the overall arrangement that also makes more and more manufacturers begin to enter or expand in business to show a field. Technical innovation and setting are developed was 2019 the keyword that wisdom business shows the market. 5G business is aided with the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, AI push Industrial Revolution, IoT the 4th times to establish ties extensively… a variety of technologies are promoted each other, interaction, let business show a product to promote greatly in technical level, arrive deep in numerous setting. Wisdom city, traffic, medical treatment, conference, government affairs, business exceeds, medium, finance, how to prevent wait for a lot of domain to be benefited accordingly. Meanwhi深圳环保私约阳阳le, chinese economy high speed grows 40 years, the many gave a lot of high administrative levels pursuit in the life of a large number of countrymans, fundamental health more that part that makes great majority the person takes seriously and had been ensured hard. Show kind of product natively and visual health are relevant, this also is each wisdom indication enterprise or the topic that need late or early to face. In addition, chinese wisdom business shows an industry to lack uniform standard standard also is well-known circumstance. Space of market disorder competition, profit is compressed, soft hardware serves a level to owe beautiful, dimensions changes production to wait for the problem that remains to perfect slow to be concerned with this mostly into deferment. The existence of these problems, bring about a large number of link to reduce service of cost, promotion hard, the development that affected integral business to show an industry significantly expands. This CBDS cacique peak is met on the opening ceremony, released triplet to weigh pound file: ? ?019 China business grows white paper with indication industry ” , Chinese head ” wisdom conference system ” standard, ” business shows current situation of technology of product vision health to study a report ” . White paper is right Chinese wisdom business showed an industry to make classified check 2019, analyse market environment and development trend. What divide big field to use IWB of machine of joining together of monitor of TV, odd screen, flat, advertisement,深圳昇逸水疗 education, business to use LED of flat, small span, laser for business respectively among them umbriferous. ” wisdo深圳罗湖环保场kbm conference system ” of the standard make last a period of time more than one year, in the process, metric system decides a working group from limit fundamental concept model to begin, work up ” wisdom conference system ” standard system, in whole process, work through many sided, will establish relative standard according to the general character demand of the enterprise, coach busi深圳魔棒ness science research and development, standard is produced thereby. ” business shows current situation of technology of product vision health to study a report ” La Guang adjusts the short wave of many irregular frequency that pays close attention to of all kinds business to be given out with indication product mainly the potential menace that person eye health exists, also pay close attention to brightness, contrast at the same time, twinkle, the influence that the element place such as retrorse rate brings lens side, its study achievement can serve as include business to show terminal product inside the strong reference that extensive shows process of kind of product research and development, production is medium. 23 themes speech + 2 heights dialog all sees wisdom this peak meets Shang Xianxin technology, policy, market conditions, originality, advocate forum + forum of 3 special subject, add up to have 23 themes speech, 2 heights speak, discuss deep, policy of communication and the new technology that show wisdom business to show an industry, key, important market conditions, with originality plan. 2 heights dialog is respectively advocate during forum ” below a place with a draught of 8K, 5G, AIoT, the good luck that business shows an enterprise to be faced with and challenge ” , special subject one019 China business shows industrial channel to change during trend height forum and butt joint of TOP channel supply and demand are met ” market intelligence changes aggravate, is supply and demand bilateral how complementary win-win, plan development? ” . CBDS cacique peak can be shown for wisdom business reach fluctuation to swim the carrier that project of the bridge of the platform that the industry makes dialog of catenary of global entire industry communicate collaboration, technology and market butt joint, industry and capital intermediary combine. Can exhibit an area times add wisdom business to show industrial major to exhibit rise abruptly peak of nova CBDS cacique can be wisdom business shows industrial influence conference of the biggest year sex forum, come to stopped 2018, held 10 successfully already. CBDS cacique peak was met 2018 during 10 years of Daqing, hatch first ISVE wisdom shows exposition. This CBDS&ISVE series activity, it is eleventh CBDS cacique peak is met wisdom of the 2nd ISVE shows & exposition. Although just was born 2018 ISVE wisdom shows exposition is returned this is the 2nd only merely, but the deep work experience that back Shenzhen business shows meeting yield hurried and industry resource, young ISVE wisdom shows exposition gained enough attention in industry already, more important is, it attracted an amount giant and the high grade group that postpone business, had striking international force. It is reported, does the business of domestic and international numerous much big card that 2019 ISVE attracts include: ? Glair plinth ⒑ sheaths or bow case rare ⑷  just ⒖ of ⒊ ず Yun pours be used to of Ren o福田喜悦水会技师f  of Zhuo of ⒗ of Yu罗湖邪骨论坛n of badger of gun of  of ⒒ of an ancient wine vessel made of horn of Song  ├ to or so   ? with AI hardware system compositive + setting innovation experience, present diversification, agree with actual circumstances as far as possible, let audience understanding and familiar business show a product to have high grade user experience at the same time. 2019 ISVE enlarges dimensions on the base that first ISVE wisdom showed exposition 2018, planned more clearly to interact the experience upgrades set innovation of 4 big themes to exhibit an area — ” wisdom shows exhibit an area ” ” LED shows exhibit an area ” ” wisdom system exhibits an area ” ” applied setting exhibits an area ” . Exceed 1000 kinds of item on display to be able to reveal here, cover business affairs how is finance of medical treatment of traffic of commerce of education of深圳豪门夜总会价格表 office, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom prevented, the many wisdom business such as couplet of content of wisdom government affairs, digital media, wisdom is shown reach relevant domain, and business uses TV, education face plate of joining together of flat, conference flat, big screen, liquid crystal, touch accuse screen, laser umbriferous, 3D shows, LED shows wait for numerous wisdom business to show terminal product category. After the brand upgrades, blossom again " business shows Nobel " China show award to choose equipment to get attention the wisdom business 2019 shows an industry, AI, 8K, 5G, IoT, IoD… the noun of science and technology of each representing forward position, more or less be born. Economic transition is adjusted, the travel before many industries load, undoubted, these technical progress are wisdom business to showed industrial development to bring drive strongly. A variety of technologies ferment gave severe chemical response, AIoD(AI+IoD, emerge as the times require of Internet Of Display) . The world of screen couplet net, each other of interconnection of everythings on earth of 10 thousand screen is connected, wisdom shows nowhere is absent, become person and this piece ” net ” interactive significant key position. In the meantime, all sorts of or mature or trendy indication technology is contended for continuously strange bottle colourful, all sorts of innovation application, solution shows for wisdom be born serves social pull wires to build the bridge ceaselessly. In this process, some brands performance is outstanding, some innovation apply express one’s gratification of clap letting a person, do some solutions give a person imp罗湖会所磨棒ressive… ” 2019 China show reward? Wisdom shows year is chosen ” namely meaning choosing those to behave particularly outstanding brand, application, solution to wait, make public v&v compliment. Show an industry as wisdom business most suffer one of industry honor that approbate and take seriously, china show award to choose be paid close attention to extensively by industry inside and outside. 2018 ” wisdom business shows · 10 years Daqing ” during series activity, wisdom shows year is chosen — ” China show reward ” be born ceremoniously. ” China show reward ” in before ” year China business uses indication brand value and innovation application to choose ” did on the foundatio深圳 南山区 kb场n brand-new upgrade, henceforth, every wisdom business shows year to choose will with ” China show reward ” for the name, this is known as wisdom business to show an industry ” nobel prize ” will industry award choose, more incline to brand is changed, stable inheritance is changed. ” 2019 China show reward? Wisdom shows year is chosen ” be ” China show reward ” blossom 2 times after the brand upgrades. This second ” China show reward ” choose, through early days big data collects link, own l深圳按摩指数表ink signing up, small letter voting link, the enterprise is seleted in 100 when voting result arises in, by the expert evaluation group is opposite participating object issue evaluation opinion and evaluate a result through hitting cent to form an expert. Prize-giving grand ceremony was in by arrangement during this the peak meets what & exhibits meeting series activity serve late dinner, hold, in the spot the collective testimony of all honored guests attending the meeting falls, shenzhen business shows business of De Xuan of Guo of chairman of conference yield hurried, Shenzhen to show Zhang Subing of director of committee of experts of meeting yield hurried, manage深圳男士娱乐场所哪里好玩ment to learn to teach / Beijing University collects business of Wei Wei of director of research center of pattern of trade of abundant business school, Shenzhen to show meeting yield hurried reputation chairman. Entertained late banquet this to still give all spot honored guest an accident surprise深圳南山有洗浴中心吗, shenzhen business shows unit of vice-chairman of meeting yield hurried / the friend of one amounts to Shuang Xiongzhi of Taiwan face plate photoelectricity, its president Mr Peng Shuanglang is displayed as specially invite art wind performs the Sakesi that spot of mysterious honored guest brought intoxicate for everybody. Believe this surprise, can make spot honored guests long recall. Know much place: ” China show reward ” choose choose a result finally following: ? Cloud of Guangdong of? of intermediary of hurry Xiu τ does innovation of screen of advertisement of 3D of 2019 year naked key point apply medium Inc. does color of award Shenzhen actor show limited company of science and technology only photoelectricity of colour of deep heart of award of application of innovation of market of sign of 2019 year figure (Shenzhen) do 2019 year business show limited company? Quiet Fu eaves does 5 Qian emerge does duckweed add year of?019 of Xing深圳环保按摩论坛 Xun  to teach the market to provide Guangzhou of well-known trademark award to inspect most attain does market of flat of 2019 year meeting have limited company of information science and technology most does grand of Beijing of well-known trademark award join limited company of new line technology is business of 2019 year wisdom shown is the market provided most? Does Xiang of Mu ǔ ず escape does  duckweed add year of?019 of Xing Xun  to teach Inc. of electric equipment of long rainbow of Sichuan of award of market optimal solution does Guangzhou of award of optimal solution of trade of sign of 2019 year figure inspect new electron limited company does business of 2019 year wisdom show optimal major solution award Guangzhou bright? Border of ⒓ of bank of damask of rudder Xiu how sweets wine  ? Beijing) business of 2019 year wisdom shows limited company technology of breath of credential of photograph of award star heart serves optimal service provider (Shanghai) business of 2019 year wisdom shows limited company Gu深圳水会按摩签小费angzhou of award of optimal and professional service makes the same score limited company of Yun Xiaojiang science and technology 2019