Dispatch of network of collect lake home: According to city, area ” safe production month ” relevant job deploy and requirement, for solid the development that promotes work of natant place safe production is begun, strengthen pair of Luo Hu safety of area natant place teachs the job, promote natatorium house to save aid ability from lash-up of personnel of course of study, perfect and safe system increases resist the ability of lash-up accident, height of bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of Luo Hu area takes seriously, on July 9 morning, be in what place of swimming-pool of village of Li Yuan of island of annulus of collect lake area held to swim designedly demonstrative drilling of lifesaving of management unit lash-up, the activity is chaired by Duan Changzhong. Person of the same trade of area under administration represents inspect and learn each other’s work of 300 people spot, obtained consummation.

This lash-up drilling travels by wide report of culture of collect lake area sports bureau is sponsorred, property of diligent of police station of supervisory place of sanitation of management board of lash-up of collect lake area, area, yellow shellfish, coronal assist do, association of trade of entertainment of singing and dancing of collect lake area, inferior Li Yuanjian meets island of dragon bay sports, annulus personally place swim pool undertakes; The leader such as Yu Yongqing, Lin Danling, Yu Zhengyuan, Yang Juntao, Ling Gao, Li Duowu, Liu Xiaohui is attended; Place of swimming-pool of village of Li Yuan of island of annulus of collect lake area, inferior firm of dragon bay sports add up to 20 people participated in this lash-up rescuing drilling, single out area under administration at the same time group of lifeguard of 3 natant place (Shenzhen inferior Li Yuan of island of annulus of firm of sports of city of firm of Long Wan sports, Shenzhen bright and beautiful, Shenzhen swim pool) respectively the spot demonstrates imitate ” drown rescue them ” item whole process, sponsor deputy director general of bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of Fang Luohu area administration of bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of Yu Yongqing, collect lake area examines and approve sanitation of area of section chief Lin Danling, Luo Hu to be supervised integratedly execute the law auxiliary group of a large body of. Area under administration swims 98 times management place represents study of spot view and emulate more than times nearly 300.

This lash-up saves drilling of aid actual combat and study of view and emulate, strengthened collect lake area under administration to swim in the round management enterprise answers ability from what personnel of course of study answers sudden accident, popularize safe knowledge and actual combat skill further, promote natant place from personnel of course of study more the program that the lash-up after development control knew accident happening comes to help and skill. Drilling of sudden incident lash-up strengthens natant place of collect lake area to answer sudden incident to deal with quality of safety of natant place of ability, farther promotion, increase resist lash-up accident ability, build good, safe natant environment for broad citizen.


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