Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, collect lake area east the lake is street east happy community party group Mao Yu of project of service center company undertook visitting to community difficulty family. In visitting a process, attentive listen respectfully apply for personnel pour out, understood the current situation that applies for a family, gathered the detailed information that files a family. Visit through this, company project knew the particular case of every difficult family in detail, when some applicants recount difficulty, cannot help shedding silent tears, the company is versed in people brush a tear to give proper comfort dredge for them to the applicant, and to the applicant fund of commonweal of detailed explanation community weighs ill side to help specific content up, make a dweller cogent experience the warmth of community and care. Application personnel is tearful express: “True special acknowledgment has a such projects, organic meeting helps us resolve real difficulty, before serious illness, let us feel us are an isolated force fights bravely no longer, have the policy, collective help that has everybody however. ” after visitting, happy company is versed in east people state fund of commonweal of society of can farther follow-up weighs ill side to support item process, perform real deeds for community dweller, do a good work.


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