Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Urban environmental sanitation is urban construction and the serious content that supervise the work, also be degree of culture of a city is direct reflect. The acknowledgment that pays to state pair of environmental sanitation workers are arduous, exalt community the happy feeling of builder, on July 2 midday, spring breeze of combination of community of article bright and beautiful is begun 10 thousand times ” the city is beautiful because of you, spring breeze accompanies your person of the same trade ” activity of industry of care environmental sanitation expressing sympathy and solicitude for. “Urban beauty cannot leave environmental sanitation worker, be workers is arduous pay, just built good job and surroundings for us! ” mobile spot, du Fang of stationmaster of workstation of community of article bright and beautiful makes a speech, initiate everybody to cherish the work achievement of environmental sanitation worker, accomplish not environment of litter, care is wholesome. This the activity is initiated by Party committee of Wen Jin community, spring breeze 10 thousand assume social responsibility actively, answer actively, participate in community commonweal, offer condolatory goods and materials, send for environmental sanitation worker in sorching summer cool and refreshing. South the lake is street do community of vice director, Wen Jin Lu Zhirui of the first secretary, processing of the city zone runs ball of ursine flourishing of assistant team leader, workstation stationmaster Du Fang, li Zhi of Party committee vice secretary entered an activity. This second activity expresses sympathy and solicitude for in all environmental sanitation worker 50. Delegate of environmental sanitation worker expresses, “Thank street, community and spring breeze 10 thousand cares to us, we are met as always do good city cleaner to make, the strength that builds him contribution for community ” . Send cool and refreshing activity this begin, let environmental sanitation worker be experienced not only street with the social community esteem to them and care, spring breeze the donation of enterprise of 10 thousand love more worker of care environmental sanitation was built in whole society, carry on the volunteer spirit, good atmosphere that advocates commonweal to serve, accelerated construction of civilized, harmonious community.       


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