Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The wind of summer, it is enthusiastic, those who blow is cool and refreshing not only the be born that still is a small fact of another the people’s livelihood. Recently, the community commonweal market that community of street Wen Hua develops collect lake yellow shellfish opens market again, this market theme is ” I make commonweal market advocate, the love that delivers article Chinese ” , attracted numerous dweller to come round to participate in in succession. Walk into market spot, a lively greet, stall commodity full of beautiful things in eyes, unused article is taken in dweller general home undertake barter with other dweller, or low processing, every booth advocate the goods that promotes oneself actively, children also are taken an active part in, the model had appearance ground to should have small boss. Small fact of this the people’s livelihood obtained the accord of community dweller to approbate. “Developing commonweal market is the activity of make the best of both worlds, can clear namely in the home unused article, can participate in community activity again, still exercised gregarious ability of the child, promotional close child the feeling between, can organize more after hope community begin similar ‘ honest ‘ activity. ” , say of dweller king aunt.


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