Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Kiss to undertake separating era between stimulative better and child better child communicate, side better people build an elder and compeer communication, interactive platform, recently, pond of lotus of collect lake area is street a flock of grandfather grandmas assemble in the community below col in celestial being lake maple scene library played by a definite date activity of 5 group of the education that separate era. Company project is passed relaxed and happy ” the bug that catch bug ” the means with interactive game lets better people pull quickly close distance. In the activity, the company is versed in understanding enters this second activity to grandfather grandma basically is to want to study a few new-style education methods, because,the hope decreases ” acting channel ” and the conflict of generation and contradiction. “Are the advantage that you feel your home child goes up personally and defect those? Put in the behavior of the excessive child that bestow favor on be addicted to? ” the company is versed in people cast the issue that gave to discuss to the grandfather grandma that be present, attendant better people try to be the first makes a speech, atmosphere is enthusiastic, elder people try to be the first conveys the circumstance in him home, among them although the child is very big, but not the condition that be willing to part with or use allows the child to do housework to wait is relatively common. In the light of better people the speech gives summary, company project is group member decorated ” exercise ” , let the child learn to do same chore in summer vacation time namely, hope group member people feedback is done when the 2nd group. After the activity ends, grandfather grandma expresses to listen complacent still did not use up, go back the new-style skill that regrets to pass classroom study and attempt and children communicate, also can complete the work that company project assigns well, state to the 2nd study expresses to expect.


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