Dispatch of Baoan of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (He Dianjing of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhe深圳QM体验区n, Shenzhen / Ling of Wen Xieying Liu / graph) sky, jungly, marine, sunshine… the element about these nature, how to let children you can experience to the top of one’s bent indoors? Study, creation, share, communication… children grow in indispensable part, correctly should lead? The answer of Baoan is here: Sea of Baoan area blessing is s罗湖华都水会几号漂亮treet children experiences a center. What special place does this place have? Although had aged,let be brought up but state of mind as before youthful our band everybody plays amusedly together! Blessing sea children experiences 300 to the center is located in the bridge and road, opposite market of peaceful community peace, center of full individual produce the expected result covers an area of an area 1046 smooth rice faces 0-8 year old children is open. Experience center cent is 5 board piece, the beauty of the brigade of the light that is the sun respectively, sky, forest, marine fan, lane of explore customer industry. Taking the door is arena function area, this is muti_function arena, by interactive glow floor and umbriferous wall composition, can begin here exhibit teach an activity, children also can perform a program. A design feeling and interest sex hold concurrently on the side ” private words ” , let us one second returns childhood. Which child had not played we should like to ask ” does stethoscope transmit sound ” ? The smooth altogether exhibiting an area of the sun has 7 to exhibit, area of 2 healthy experiences. This is exhibited cry ” I am big director ” , here the principle that children can understand animation simply, there are 4 buttons on mesa, it is to begin respectively, take a picture, delete, broadcast, through guiding clue of conception animation story, the setting with corresponding choice board with prop, the picture that takes next differring is clicked broadcast, will finish the simplest animation that decide case. “Skeletal bicycle ” those who experience the center is done is to confuse your edition, make accord with 3-8 year old child operation, what skeleton chooses also is the skeleton of children edition, can bring the directest experience to children, height is not worth 1 meter of X we play also very hey. “Idea racing bicycle and idea lamp ” wear brainwave headphone through ad深圳喜悦水会kbmire, change according to brainwave numerical value, 深圳环保下水道投诉little speed is spent and the color of lamplight can produce a change. “Eyeball is become picture ” children深圳蒲宗论坛 can adjust through rotational dial the focal length of glow word, make project the picture on eyeball is more clear, through watching pattern, let what children understand eyeball become like the principle. “Palpitant frequency ” , here the parent can experience together with the child. Put both hands it is on feeling board, meeting bosomy hammer strikes drum area as the heartbeat synchronism of handlers, at the same time the number shows the meeting on screen shows current heartbeat is numeric, make children OK see the distinction with adult heartbeat. The mark sex of this area exhibits深圳水疗会所排名家庭 celestial brigade for ” Archimedes of spherule rain, spherule, spherule is deferent ” . Children collect spherule to put two to cast ball mouth, arrive at aeroboat interior through conduit, turn at the same time the handle of Archimedes helix, carry spherule to aeroboat storehouse inside. Arrive when the spherule inside cabin a certain quantity of when, flank can have lamplight clew, at the same time port is opened, spherule is met bend basin and next just like rain. “Spherule barbette ” exhibit this clever applied air to compress a principle, children start work by oneself, with the transmission way of pure machinery, go out spherule eject. “Spherule relay ” throw spherule from different entrance, the scroll way that watchs spherule ” how much does weather know ” combine the game that drop a ball 深圳洗浴中心大保健and popular science look, when investment a certain quantity of spherule indicator light can shine, the weather icon of this area can give out corresponding sound. “Spherule boiler circulat丹竹头地铁站a出口小姐ion ” the motion that passes spherule, to children imitate reveals the process of earthly boiler circulation. Silvan beauty this area is the experience area with a stronger motility. “Smooth shadow is climbed climb ” it is a multimedia body feels interactive exhibit, combine game and traditional Pan Yan, exercise the body of children and harmonious ability. “Jungly and expeditionary ” use Euramerican and newest multidimensional degree climb climb a design, let children climb climb an experience while, logic of the courage that exercises them, space, body coordinates ability ” archaeology is dug ” it identifies system and Sha Chi to comprise by a multimedia, what the sand inside Sha Chi chooses is cypress grain, very safe environmental protection is wholesome. In Sha Chi, children are OK the fossil module that oneself explore mining to differ, after identifying what module puts screen right side the area, screen can jump out automatically the relevant knowledge of this fossil. “Division of infant of small floret garden ” it is to give 0-3 year old the kissing that little baby installs child experience space, pass the exploration of whole sense, contented cheeper is right the curiosity of the world, the parent also can be participated in personally, interact jointly. Marine interest is whole experience center is the most wonderful exhibit an area, also be the most amused exhibit an area. Design development by Sino-US combination, had this locality distinguishing feature at the same time ” interactive water table ” , it has clean water and soft water two kinds of functions, ensure children the sanitation of dabble and safety. Combinative Baoan characteristic is designed and become ” freight of blessing sea dock ” , children can use tower crane, goods mount boat, leave port, enter 深圳有哪些洗浴可以口create aqueduct dis深圳外籍模特trict. Here, in the card chamfer that children can insert flashboard different position, change current way thereby, observe the change of the boat. “Spherule Bernoulli ” the power that carries current eject, let spherule in suspension be in sky, fancy interesting. “Spherule flies litre ” , children put spherule from bottom, stream can arrive spherule eject in sky, roll double helix slideway randomly finally in, quite dazzle cruel. “Musical water深圳富临水会技师漂亮吗 is roused ” by the key-press that changes different color, stroke of eject water column is tympanic, produce different sound, play rise special ” demon sex ” . This big whale is ” breathing whale ” exhibit. Marine interest exhibits an area to have 3 spherule deferent device, 龙岗桃花源83号技师deferent device can convey spherule to cetacean body inside, arrive when spherule a certain quantity of when, spherule is met from cetacean back ejective, the process that imitate whale breathes. Explore guest is versed in san Francisco of lane traceable United States explores a house, this is one 深圳九龙湾99号技师encourages children to use all sorts of tools and data, starting work science of the exploration in practice, technology and artistic space. The work of children: “Farm circuit stylist ” the work of children: “Doodle robot ” the originality that explore guest is versed in one of tenets of lane are to use ordinary stuff to create rough this mortal world, the space was full of all sorts of material and tool, encourage children to develop an imagination, start work creation. A lot of years before, we come from field nature about the experience of childhood in run bouncing, come from the scientific fun in television, book. And the development as the times, the children nowadays had experience of the richer, more wonderful, study that has feeling of science and technology more, game. 2016, shenzhen first systematization puts forward to build, the first children of Chinese is friendly model urban target is advocated ” let a city be children and build ” . 2017, baoan area takes the lead in putting forward to found ” woman children is friendly model the city zone ” . Street children experiences blessing sea central completion, it is Shenzhen, Baoan construction children is friendly model city, children is friendly model an epito深圳馨园阁按摩me of the city zone. Children is friendly the place that is urban culture, it is the place of urban temperature and consideration. On November 20, it is world children day. Square of Baoan area seaside shined that day the blue lamplight with indicative friendly children. Let us bless Baoan of Shenzhen, blessing together, bless all children, wis深圳水疗带服务的h the world is full of everywhere ” children is friendly ” , be full of love!