Dispatch of network of collect lake home: July 1, 2019 is 98 years of birthday of the party, hope community Party committee lends this joyful day greatly, carry out seriously fulfil Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to put forward to begin ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” the directive that the theme teachs, the organization holds what buckle this theme closely to celebrate ” July 1 ” series activity. In the morning 10 when, look at community Party committee greatly each branch in all 60 old in young Party member happilies gather under the same roof, the congratulatory party that attends Party committee organization builds 98 years ” July 1 ” informal discussion. All Party member wears the culture unlined upper garment of Yan Danghui of the Yin Youzhuang before writing a bosom, spirit appears enliveningly in the assembly room. East the lake is street the party is versed in appoint vice secretary, National People’s Congress is versed in appoint the director holds concurrently look at community greatly Xie Tongmin of the first secretary, east the lake is street the party is versed in appoint Li Huixian of chairman of committee member, the Women’s Federation, big look at Li Xuekang of vice secretary of community Party committee, . Vice secretary of the Li Xuekang on the informal discussion was reported in detail to all Party member the working circumstance of Party committee is reached first half of the year optimize course of structure of leading Party group, zhong Zhijiang vice secretary reported program of centre of gravity of job of general Party branch, second half of the year and prospective tentative plan. Xie Tongmin vice secretary is recollected on the meeting, come one many year in transfer, saw with one’s own eyes witnessed the integral change that looks at community greatly, one stake stake the thing is being revealed hope community party organization is leading greatly hope the dweller moves toward good life greatly. Thank a vice secretary to point out after hoping community Party committee enlarges framework of leading Party group greatly, no matter be Party committee or branch secretary, want to fulfil obligation seriously, want to guide a Party member to begin study, insist to learn, had used ” study powerful nation ” this platform, promote oneself politics accomplishment. Should remember a Party member well the heart is mixed first mission, remember oneself Party member identity well, cannot do the business that harms party of party bring shame on, must ask strictly oneself, cannot stand in people’s contrary. Thank a vice secretary to appeal young Party member wants to learn to the old Party member beside, to beside the Party member study of energy, enter commonweal activity more. The informal discussion ends in harmonious and lively atmosphere. Follow-up of community Party committee still has young Party member to interact communicate meeting, patriotic subject matter to watch a shadow to be able to wait for series activity, “Do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” not be a catchword, hope community Party committee is decided greatly in falling this one to act really, always remember well, grab get right on the job really, make model, make success.


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