Beijing time on December 7, fis深圳按摩指数对照表tfight of honor of GLORY of league matches of fistfight of vertical of world top class station held the contest that GLORY73 Shenzhen stands in center of Na Shanwen body. (the article just all offers a plan by the match) KO of Ma La spy adds rar深圳锦鸿休闲会所微信e defend honor. Net of Pu Dian of Shenzhen of深圳按摩推拿论坛 · of end of client seeing Zhen on December 8 dispatch (reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen Li Yunyun) Beijing time on December 7, fistfight of honor of GLORY of league matches of fistfight of vertical of world top class station held GLORY73 Shenzhen to stand in center of Na Shanwen body, dedicated for global audience of a wonderful unsurpassed strike regale. “Belgian handsome ability ” the promise before Malate Geligelianshi is surpassed now, in KO of the 5th bout indefectible ” exceed a god ” Aierweisi Jiaxi, defend throne of crown lightweight Wangzhe successfully, this also is Malate from conquer constellation enemy carries the 2nd Wei Mian since guessing on the 深圳龙岗会所包吹价格west. Be in a volume level in semifinal of 4 people tounament, meng Gaofeng and Lifu Daci part conquer is long protect politics and final of join forces of Hu Bin male, 3 bureaus cherish defeats struggle hard of height of final the first month, delinquency is held in both hands in mainland ” Lameng Dekesi ” the opportunity of the cup; In addition, GLORY year is optimal battle 2 battle with Qiaoshen Qiaoanxi again difference decides win by a narrow margin ends, sun Chao, Zhao Chuanlin, Yu Jianhong also parts conquer respective adversary. The match is intense. Of lightweight Wang Zhe contend for KO of Ma La spy adds rare defend honor to regard as that evening of focal battle right definitely bilateral, malate and add hope to be confused for Chinese fist together staged a very wonderful 5 bouts fierce battle, the audience that invites the spot people exclamation worthy trip. Since in ” on the west Ma Wufan battle ” in beat first carry on the west after guessing, malate was cast off thoroughly ” chiliad second ” label, but he still needs to use defend crown to come continuously him defend regnant position. Of conquer spy Gu Ni defending crown f深圳严打2019最新消息irst is begin well, and 深圳kb场论坛this smash is added rare criterion more showed Armenia soldier to abandon me whose bully gas. Before contest, career has n深圳商务模特兼职ot be defeated add hope to ever expressed Malate ” do not be good at laying left-handed person, the match does not need to hit even full 5 bouts ” , but ” exceed a god ” how can expect, his prophecy has second half only paragraph ” accurate hit the target ” . Head the bout begins ring to just be knocked noisy, add hoped to develop the sign to attacking with Malate, both sides is in in remote use ceaselessly low sweep and prick a fist to attempt to kill and wound adversary, hit more actively add hope to take actor in the appreciably on check the number; Enter the 2nd bout, dare hit what dare go all out to increase the dominant position that hoped to enlarge his even, he is in of bout end wonderful 3 double hit make a person impressive. But begin from the 3rd bout, as low of the accumulation that sweeps harm and oneself physical strength use up, add hoped output rhythm to begin to drop, malate took the chance to show the boxing way with the pointed pyramid that kick a fist, successive the fist of close body combination that two bouts use artful is pressed adversary is suffocatively; Enter the 5th bout, right now add hope to be just as a spent force, the defensive position fist that uses wrestle lot often increased oneself burden instead. By right of two write down essence of life to allow swift and violent place a fist continuously, malate returns remnant in full-court adversary of KO of the with one action when 60 seconds, in ” roc city ” drew perfect full stop 2019 for his with Wei Mian. 4 people of Asian are surpassed Meng Gaofeng is apart from ” Lameng Dekesi ” cup need one step only current ” Lameng Dekesi ” 4 person tounament semifinal of cup Asia, chinese player is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Bin male, Meng Gaofeng meets Australian player Lifu Daci and Japanese player head-on respectively long 全国高端外围3000一次protect politics. Bin male is in the moustache that takes the lead in giving fight and in a notting bout is right the fine long hair in attacking is not inferior, but remove match rhythm from the 2nd bout gradually the underside of a quilt nots place palm accuses, he is effective defence the boxing law aggression of Hu Bin male, still use write down strike back tooth of fetch down latter is covered; The 3rd bout, the moustache that be anxious to gain victory Bin male takes the lead in rise in revolt, not to be apart from successive blow to notch with genu leg control in, he will be introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad after complete control controls an aspe深圳微信上高端外围2000ct Bin male oppresses the edge that surround a rope comes true knockdown, conquered finally judgment. The back-to-back Chinese player Meng Gaofeng that gives fight lets a person shine at the moment, face Japanese player long protect politics, meng Gaofeng uses height arm to exhibit an advantage to hit a high quality to combine aggression, head the puissant left success that tick off a fist is knockdown before the bout ends adversary. If not be psychokinesis extremely strong long protect politics had held out finally 10 seconds, the match is probable at this point terminative, but the 2nd bout is long protect politics again by knockdown read a second… the tremendous cent is poor accord after 3 bouts decides, it is actual strength of height of the first month grinds the outcome that control, also be long protect politics of tenacious volition show. In final of 4 people contest, physical ability of shorter, semifinal wastes breathing space bigger Meng Gaofeng is composed begin, firmly holds Taichun of bea深圳哪些沐足可以口南山t a drum to end, ceaseless shift nots to explore in, he c深圳港湾桑拿水疗会所rafty discovers the opportunity sponsors onslaught outward appearance, meng Gaofeng is forced meet head-on; Height of the first month of the 2nd bout is adjusted quickly, exhibit control distance to pullback through arm of train in excess specified length rhythm, hit mark leg of beautiful face about tall whip, nevertheless physical ability glides as before apparent; Both sides of the 3rd bout faces physical ability maximum, thanks to the loud cry like spot seismic sea wave is incen深圳西海岸大厦私人订制tive they continue to be opposite go all out, till the bout the end also abandons offensive without the person, final Meng Gaofeng is lost with the extremely faint regret that distinguish difference in not, delinquency is held in both hands in mainland ” Lameng Dekesi ” the opportunity of the cup. Race site. Optimal battle repeats year Qiaoanxi again win by a narrow margin Qiaoshen Qiaoanxi mixed Situoyang 2018 this one Tuoyang Kebolifulansiji’s, the big to banging fight of freeboard level also is by elect by ballot of global vermicelli made from bean starch GLORY year is optimal right definitely. This second 2 their results of battle also do not have your fist loss to look like that, two people go technical inpour completely to study a line, be without inactive cuddle or foul intent, head the referee in the big to banging fight with wonderful bout’s only expression chance is a bout actually when end bell is noisy ” Stop ” ; The 2nd bout times 1 minute 33 seconds, qiao Anxi dodges quickly Situoyang pricks a fist, fist of backstroke defensive position is empty, dodge again after the other side pricks a fist, sweep instantly kick the leg that prop up to sweep opponent — all these happens inside 1 second of time, between flint of light produced by electricity of it may be said; Physical ability of both sides of the 3rd bout is abundant, reduce without a bit to attacking rhythm, arena is hit by sweat wet, the both sides in onslaught all has slip. When the match ends bell noise, the two people of heroic photograph cherish are embracing t深圳按摩包吹好的地方hose who receive full-court audience to cheer. In addition, chinese player Sun Chao, Zhao Chuanlin, Yu Jianhong parts by right of superior performance the Hart Jiasanuofu, Feiertaisi that connect · mixes conquer adversary law antrum, among them before two players all flare in super contest with TKO form full-court. Race site. GLORY73 Shenzhen station is satisfactory ring down the curtain 3 years Chinese contest testimony strikes industrial development regards the whole world as league matches of fistfight of vertical of top class station, GLORY honorable fistfight is in successfully the 2nd times ” roc city ” Shenzhen is held, this is afterwards after GLORY46 Guangzhou stood 2017 and GLORY57 Shenzhen stood 2018 again GLORY China contest. 3 years short, this top class match witnessed China to strike flying development of the industry. As the whole world top class strike one of matches, GLORY honorable fistfight establishs from May 2012 up to now, already held contest of alignment of number of 73 whole worlds in more than 15 countries. The match adopts unified regulation, gather together the ace such as peaceful fist, taekwondo, boxing, Karate, wushu in same an arena, each level champion is player of first of rank of the world that kick a fist almost. GLORY is at present honorable fistfight already went up with the world the toppest 160 professions freedom strikes player autograph is made an appointment with, divide in all for 6 men volume level and a woman measure level. GLORY honorable fistfight is the whole world broadcasts the match of station vertical wrestling with the widest range. So far, share nearly 深圳桑拿水疗娱乐资讯180 countries to broadcast honorable wrestling match, cover nearly 1 billion household, billions of population. Link: Match of GLORY73 Shenzhen station is specific result [Xin Xiusai] Sailinna Fuluo bud this difference decides Sheng Zhangmeng (29-28, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29, 28-29) Yu Jianhong decides consistently get the better of Dou Yunlong (29-28, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27, ) [super contest] Zhao Chuanlin 2 minutes of 22 seconds TKO open the 2nd round · humble Er Taisibulunuo Jiazanidi 3, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28) ; Meng Gaofeng 3 bouts decide consistently get the better of long protect politics (29-26, 30-25, 30-25, 30-25, 30-25) lightweight to Qiao Anxi of · of Zhan Qiao assorted 3 bouts difference decides get the better of Situoyang Kebolifulansi base (29-28, 27-30, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28) the Fudaci in final of 4 people contest 3 bouts differ深圳布吉不是正规的按摩ence decides get the better of Meng Gaofeng (29-28, 28-29, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28) steed of world champion title pulls Te Geligeliandi 5 bouts KO of 2 minutes of 3 seconds Aierweisi Jiaxi