Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 29 afternoon at 2 o’clock half, by Huang Bei street Party committee of happy scene community, house appoint meeting, senile association is in center of activity of adolescent of Luo Hu area ping-pong house holds thirteenth of happy scene community jointly ping-pong match. The player that plays the game is the dweller that comes from this community, have among them long the veteran of classics battlefield, also have current new affiliation player. To attract community ping-pong lover further, bencibi is surpassed not only have senile group, added young group newly still. This second match aims to promote the communication between community dweller, strengthen the connection between senile friend, promotional understanding, develop the drive of civilized match, go all out in work for friendship, to build health and hard. The sheet after contest makes all Zuo take a group to circulate cleans out the singles match of discard, male single female sheet is opposite apart definitely. Players are acted on ” friendship the first, the match the 2nd ” the principle asperses sweat in the brandish on competition ground, game goes a style. Ping-pong players special skill is differ, pat continuously, the horizontal stroke is patted, circle of two sides arc, snick, every movement shows incisively and vividly, through the contend of capture intense, take off Ying finally and go out, produce senile series men’s singles Guan Yaji army: Wang Dianli, Chen Aiping, Sun Guisheng; Senile group women’s singles Guan Yaji army: Zou Meizhen, Pan Jianzhi; Guan Yaji of young group man army: Authority of Ceng Wenwei, Zhang Hui, Zhou Chuangji; Guan Yaji of young group woman army: Filial piety of Zhuang Yawen, Huang Minzhi, bark is red. The taking of their good achievement and they are long-term workout and having deep love for a ping-pong to move is not divided. Party committee of happy scene community, house appoint meeting, old people association is acted on ” solidarity, friendship, harmonious ” tenet, develop activity of sports of of a mass character actively, a lot of old people that attend physical training to be benefited and young dweller friend express in succession, the outdoors activity with good health of a few pairs of body and mind can enter in this community nearby, it is the dweller’s greatest pleasure, to us happy old age lives more add wonderful.  


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