Net of Pu Dian of Shenzhen of · of end of client seeing Zhen on December 9, 2019 dispatch (Wang Yingbo of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) build below ” Chinese parasol is cultivated ” , just can let ” phoenix ” habitat. As south Shanxi beautiful college town piece the bright phearl of a bright of the area, the campus construction of university of southern science and technology suffers with respect to equipment since pr深圳外围预约号epare fix eyes upon. From 2011 first after formal break earth, the construction of garden of division senior colonel was on drive south, be in short the time that does not arrive two years, type of new campus solicit comments is enabled. Decide formerly finishing 2021 2 period project, at present 11 students dormitory already consign is used深圳桑拿情报, and south division large center, academic communication center, College of the Humanities, engineering college also throws the consign at the beginning of 2020 use. On December 7, shenzhen town building is versed in Wu arrange combined university of southern science and technology to hold campus public to open day, more than 100 citizens visit campus. 2 period build horizontal stroke of research of high to mark internationalization level university to regard as ” lens ” the 2nd library of side Cheng Feng; Modelling is exactly like bow, can take engineering college of deep-sea of your roam knowledge; The Bo Shuo that lake hill courtyard abandons this dormitory… south the family is big 2 period the veil that campus construction lifted mystery eventually, nearly 100 citizens are opened in this noon to be seen south the family is big 2 period campus elegant demeanour. The family austral arrange of Wu of indu深圳福田全套桑拿会所stry of the construction that occupy town is big 2 period project director Yang Xiufeng introduces, south the family is big 2 period project floor area makes an appointment with five hundr深圳罗湖kb环保ed and thirteen thousand nine hundred square metre, build school building among them 21, total floor area makes an appointment with 440 thousand square metre, include courtyard of public education building, a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, business school and innovation to do poineering work institute, engineering college, College of the Humanities, south building深圳水立方水疗会所邪 of division large center, academic communication center, dormitory and project of the form a complete set outdoor; Old factory building transforms 15, total floor area makes an appointment with seventy-three thousand nine hundred square metre. After project building, can add a new life 5400 people. Nearly 7 into 2 period campus is finished inside construction the end of the year according to introducing, regard a government as the project ” majordomo ” , arrange of Wu of city worker worker devotes oneself to all the time south dozens the family is big cause the high-quality goods project that has international level, build hundred years campus. 2 period project from May 2017 in succession start working. “As a result of south the family is big 2 period the building that the project is in the school福田红牌技师 area, apartment of project spot and student dormitory, teacher and education building are proximate, construction difficult深圳会所论坛y is very great. ” Yang Xiufeng introduces to the citizen. To reduce construction to be opposite study of teachers and students and life are affected, arrange of Wu of city worker worker organizes delegate of unit of manage of construction, inspect and school teachers and students actively to begin communication informal discussion, listen to teachers and students’ opinion seriously, strengthen communication communication. In the meantime, in building a course, use dangerous carry scaffold, realize municipal project and construction of synchronism of main body project, reduce construction cycle; Those who carry sclerosis of the erect mist artillery piece, online system that monitor, road, dustproof network is complete enclothe and establish is careless answer green, tank car is time aspersion, surround block close, answer Yang Chen actively to prevent and cure, realize 7 100% ; Use BIM technology application in great quantities, advanced project construction effectively. Current, 11 students dormitory, include 2 building of dormitory of 4 doctoral students, Masters unripe dormitory building and building of dormitory of 5 undergraduate studentses are in this year in September already consign is used. And south division large center, academic communication center, College of the Humanities and engineering college will be used in finishing December consign. So far, south the family is big 2 period the rate of campus floor area that finish already was achieved 66% . The manage institute in be being built, business school and public education building predict consign will be used in December 2020. Make ” two axes, 3 corridor, one annulus ” Chan of Cha欧式环保 深圳桑拿n of dimensional structure brook, stream had dripped the library, see the New Year in the bridge and academy of classical learning, beautiful campus construction lets visiting citizen too many things to see. Yang Xiufeng introduces to citizens: “Combinative campus designs a concept to optimize the distribution of first phase, we are in 2 period in the design of campus and construction, south whole of function of the education with big family, scientific research, life is formed ‘ two axes, 3 corridor, one annulus ‘ dimensional structure. Two axes are respectively: Campus learning main shaft and humanitarian landscape axis. Campus learning main shaft with wide about 60 — level ground gives priority to 80 meters scanty Lin Dacao scene, two side combine courtyard department to install place of round-the-clock harships corridor, landscape and establishment. College of 深圳福田君悦水会333the Humanities of union of humanitarian landscape axis, country learns campus the function such as center of institute, business school, learning communication is unit, set room of landscape of sex of artistic, sou深圳罗湖水疗会所排名venir, compose builds the axes of commemorative sex landscape with humanitarian grumous breath. 3 corridor include corridor of landscape of corridor of academic weather market, natural landscape and big Sha He. Among them, academic weather market is located in campus on the west side, join engineering college, south division large center, on the west building of lyceum of division of school gate, life, experiment and public education building, the square of jo深圳水会哪里好in of the form that connect corridor with much elevation, much type, share the public activity node such as hall of platform, coffee, offer the bond that encounter of a study, communication interacts for teachers and students. One annulus is to point to brook garden annulus. On the foundation of natural landscape gallery, surround area of campus core function, form complete brook garden, have both landscape and zoology function. ” target: Found world top-ranking research university to be in the communication link with the citizen, south members of standing committee of division big Party committee, conduct propaganda and Zhang Ling of minister of public concern ministry introduce, the school takes the lead in reforming enrollment system, use ” the comprehensive assessment that is based on the university entrance exam admits mode ” recruit outstanding student. The school with ” credit is made, academy of classical learning is made, tutorial system ” and ” internationalization, individuation, elite is changed ” for core and characteristic, develop excellent innovation person with ability energetically. The school uses academy of classical learning to control government, establish in all at present send benevolence, tree benevolence, send sincere, t深圳按摩三路指数ree heart, send gift of new, tree 6 academy of classical learning. Up to now, university of science and technology already signed south to introduce a teacher about 900 more than person, in teacher of alignment of scientific research of more than 400 education, include academician 30 people (full-time academician 11 people) , international is met person 36 people, the country hires an expert especially 75 people, the country hires an expert especially (youth) 87 people, ministry of Education hires an expert especially 25 people, “The country supports a plan especially ” 10 people of expert, ” national science foundation is crackajack young fund ” gainer 30 people, ” national science foundation is outstanding young fund ” gainer 10 people. 90% above have teacher of series of education scientific research abroad work experience, the experience that before 60% above have alive bound to rank 100 universities work or learns, talent of high administrative levels is occupied in the faculty than exceeding 40% . Huang Xu countersign grows sign of Wu of town construction industry point out, shenzhen is gifted to build the new mission of demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism, focusing Shenzhen falls on the whole nation, on the strategic fixed position that makes city of surveyor’s pole of happiness of the people’s livelihood, “Learn to actor teachs ” target more show highlighted. Arrange of Wu of town construction industry is being built with south the family is big 2 period large quantities of one higher education category that are a delegate look in the process, how to make a hundred years school yard in exploration all the time, create top-ranking governmental project high-quality goods. He expresses, arrange of Wu of town construction industry w深圳蒲宗桑拿ill not forget first heart, remember a mission well, with first-rate administrative system, top-ranking construction standard, top-ranking level of management, construction of the Shenzhen that help strength is become ” city of upland of high quality development, law sets an example, surveyor’s pole of happiness of urban culture example, the people’s livelihood and can develop a pioneer continuously ” . Masses of delegate of National People’s Congress, citizen nods assist to open day of open day activity in succession in, delegate of National People’s Congress and citizen masses order the campus construction with the big family austral assist in succession. National People’s Congress expresses on behalf of Yang Qin, 2 period the construction of campus, especially student dormitory part, used the concept that intensive changes adequately, more have science gender and practical. National People’s Congress expresses on behalf of Chen Jin flower, “South the first phase of garden of division senior colonel 2 period 3 period etc is b深圳布吉洗浴中心y city arrange of construction industry Wu is built, arrive to the completion, program from campus from the design of campus construction, it is come down in one continuous line, make the has whole to unite aesthetic feeling of campus, this is a first-rate practice in governmental project. ” Mr Zhang that bearing a son to come round to look around says, “I want to come before early south the family is big looked around, very happy toda深圳罗湖顶级红牌babyy can look around together with family. Can see in the each place of campus Shenzhen city is right the attention of this young university and intention. Hope the teachers of this university can help students open a door truly, taking away them a few. Just be in near student dining room by proper motion driveway see south the family is big the 10 beautiful graduate this year is revealed, have those who go to Colombian university, Stanford university waiting for world college to take advanced courses, very admire south the capacity that Kedapei raises a student. I very undergraduate of the division austral envy can learn in so good in the environment school, hardware does not have say, expect more beautiful south the family is big, zhu Na family is big better and better! Zhu Na family is big better and better!!