Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Ceng Shuqi of Luo Yu of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) on December 7, 2019, before sea snake mouth from trade piece the area is in charge of appoint meeting, before does sea management board hold new future of new opportunity new achievement? 2019 before sea achievement news briefing, the system releases case of innovation of 20 outstanding finance, members of standing committee of Shenzhen municipal Party committee, before sea snake mouth from trade piece the area is in charge of appoint conference chairman, before Tian Fu of director of sea management board attends a news briefing. Be in 2016 – successive 2018 3 seas before releasing are outstanding on the foundation of financial innovation case, before the sea again external systematization releases financial innovation case, the sea before aiming to be developed adequately is building HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest of socialism of characteristic of big bay area, China leads demonstrative action mediumly, deepen deep harbor collaboration, drive ceaselessly from policy of banking of trade division, collaboration area take the lead in be born; Encourage financial orgnaization to increase innovation strength, push reform of sex of supply side structure, enhance finance to serve hypostatic economy standard; Sum up the advanced experience that finance innovates, form 深圳外围女微信a batch to be able to duplicate, achievement of propagable reform innovation, in the promotion inside whole town and even countrywide limits. Case of sea finance innovation fills fission to serve entity now before economy, prevent control financial venture, the sea before deepening finance to reform 3 tasks to ask to fulfil Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to be reached to Guangdong, Shenzhen to be carried out in the round works, fulfil open to the outside world as industry of our country banking the strategic requirement of experiment demonstrative window, before the sea closely around the service hypostatic economy, prevent control financial venture, deepen finance to reform 3 tasks, be driven actively and support financial orgnaization to innovate actively, emerge in large numbers gives the financial innovation gain of characteristic of many the sea before having. August 2019, before sea snake mouth from trade piece the area is in charge of appoint meeting, before case of innovation of finance of the sea before sea management board starts 2019 year formally collects selection activity, collect via making public, expert evaluation, fair show wait for link, choose have case of representative 20 finance innovation to be released external. Case filled fission to show to deep harbor cooperates and cross safety of condition business innovation, finance and risk to be on guard, service ” double achieve ” with in small small company, finance supports deficient and service the job requirement that application of science and technology of the people’s livelihood, finance extends, window confused is shown. Deep harbor collaboration and cross respect of con深圳哪家水会可以选dition business innovation, if money Fu Tong pays limited company of science and technology to make purse of Hong Kong of WeChat Pay HK, the shift outside first conditions pays real active estate to be used in churchyard, drive deep harbor innovation of two ground finance develops, contented resident of big bay area is convenient and mobile pay demand; Branch of mouth of the sea snake be深圳宝安js私约fore the Bank of China is carried out fulfil ” one深圳宝安休闲会所 belt all the way ” national strategy, support company of the group that cross a state to develop overseas market, the sea registers entity to give priority to those who do a business to cross this condition foreign currency before design of group of the petrifaction in be capital pool plan, the capital outside helping a group raise churchyard uses efficiency, reduce cost ofmm国际水会是正规的吗 group finance affairs. In the meantime, branch of mouth of the sea snake before the Bank of Chi深圳水疗桑拿论坛na is in foretaste of start off before the others of district of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, in rolling out, representative of silver-colored Hong Kong witnesses busine深圳福田丝足会所排名ss of account of individual of the travel in opening inland, promote big bay area to pay to be connected with each other of market infrastructure interconnection, aid muscularity bay region high grade life encircles construction; Innovation of branch of the sea before industrial and commercial bank is rolled out ” bay area crosses condition mandatory + ” , pass ” cross ESCROW of condition mandatory + ” , ” outside crossing administration of condition mandatory + , wrap ” , ” cross condition mandatory + to register easy ” , ” cross condition mandatory + to seek advice easy ” wait for 4 big module to invest fund to provide b深圳沙湾按摩会所全套ay area to cross condition equity one-stop whole technological process is integrated, to discuss H罗湖明珠会所268报告ongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province big bay area crosses condition endowment to was in charge of business new pattern to provide practice basis. (detailed sees accessory) financial safety and risk are on guard respect, finance of the sea before be like accuses a limited company to be in battle of assault fortified positions of countrywide banking venture, perform duty of state-owend enterprise society actively, hand in hand combine of composition of Xiamen nation trade undertakes to the equity of century negotiable securities contest is bought, dissolve venture of banking of group of the insurance that bring country with commercializing means to be on guard; Limited company of banking of the consumption that enrol couplet takes the development strategy such as drive of general benefit finance, innovation, grind oneself crucial technology builds wind of company level a collection of illustrative plates to accuse platform, be on guard effectively risk of correlation of incident of whole technological process, the canal accuses a client to touch the dot is in 100 million times level, but intercept the associated gang of 85 % above is con, make the model that maturity of technology of a collection of illustrative plates of consumptive banking industry uses. Card signs a letter in (Shenzhen) risk of credit of company of initiate of limited company whole nation conducts early-warning platform – – in card beforehand ancient bronze mirror, combine intellectual a collection of illustrative plates and nerve network algorithm, in intelligence of the card in the company the compose on big data platform builds on 100 million businesses (reach an individual) the risk of node identifies, maintain, conduct reach early-warning model, orgnaization of the finance that help strength perfects data to administ深圳福田桑拿洗浴中心er a framework, perfect credence evaluates a system, promotion is changed subtly, trends turns credit risk level of management. (detailed sees accessory) service ” double achieve ” with in side of small small company, numerous bank of the Hai Wei before Shenzhen takes the lead in going up line on first all fronts of countrywide, the product of loan of intelligence of small small company of pure credence — small line of business is borrowed, improve experience of small small financing, solve small small company effectively ” financing difficult, financing is expensive ” problem. Shenzhen heart tall travel the stock index that limited company of technology of intellectual property data made the whole nation be based on patent the first times — patent and banner index, design of innovation patent index and high end forecast algorithm, realize what patent and stock invest to cross domain band. Project of collaboration of big data of government of initiate of branch of the sea before the bank that enrol business and commercial bank credit ” before the sea believes + ” , the development of exploration support medium and small businesses, new pattern that helps force substance economy with science and technology and data, increase a bank to be opposite the supportive strength of credit of medium and small businesses. The sea before subbranch of a bank of the sea before Shanghai bank Shenzhen, Shenzhen trades jointly asset of online be in harmony tastes sheet of storehouse of library of factory of electron of merchandise on hand of central joint development, whole technological process is checked trade each link, fund of credit of entire chain monitoring is flowed to, control the venture giving a letter of pair of heavy goods business effectively, exploration serv深圳海豚休闲会所es hypostatic economy new pattern. Finance su按摩环保是什么项目pports deficient and side of service the people’s livelihood, the guidance of mutual insurance company in the government sector leaves numerous benefit property, innovation is rolled out ” China on the west Fu coadjutant plan of allied family doctor ” , serve construction of body of paediatrics cure couplet, drive resource of high grade and paediatrics medical treatment to sink, defeat solution children effectively ” see a doctor difficult, see a doctor expensive, see a doctor to not be at ease ” difficult problem. Trade of rash card classics limited company takes the lead in finishing region of first county of countrywide to be enclothed completely ” insurance + futures ” pilot, will ” base difference is bought ” perforative project from beginning to end, the price that resolving farmer concern drops risk while solve a farmer ” it is difficult to sell food ” problem, cogent safeguard farmer is planted food earnings. Limited company of broker of Hua Jiang insurance draws lessons from domestic and international advanced experience, initiate government invests era to build canal of risk of project project quality to accuse to make the case that joins with commercial safety, commercialize through introducing run a mechanism, build and perfect project quality to guarantee a system, safeguard era effectively to build a project to entrust the legitimate rights and interests of unit and broad citizen. Innovation of financial science and technology uses a field, money pays a Hai Wei before paying science and technology limited company, Shenzhen look forward to limited company of science and technology of area piece catenary makes platform of catenary of Tecent small look forward to jointly, pass area piece catenary to cannot distort, 深圳按摩指数对照表information but the character of go against the river, the fractionation that makes receivable Zhang money, be on the move with change show functional module, raised financing of small small company but acquired character, reduced financing cost, also achieved combination of sex of innovation of financial science and technology. Sex of innovation of numerous bank of the Hai Wei before Shenzhen makes first pledgor of countrywide be versed in intelligent storehouse superintends a system, the technology such as net of couplet of intelligence of labour of benefit choose and employ persons, content realizes library of discrepancy of goods of the impawn in business of movable impawn financing to order money automatically, put in library inventory, information of unusual action monitoring and early-warning, crucial video accepts card, syncretic of objective shedding, content shedding, business shedding, capital shedding, iformation flow, promote wind of business of movable impawn financing to control capacity. Center of restful bank credit card depends on what accumulate for years outside breathe out exercise and experience of actual combat of application of intelligent speech technology, ability of attend a banquet breathes out outside the AI intelligence speech that ab深圳模特价格表straction of concept of the stage in union shares, the program built the station in business of AI speech robot, change transition for restful bank intelligence, supported downstage busines深圳半岛时光水会 服务s product and service innovation to produce enormous value. Numerous install IT to serve limited company to be based on the technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, compensate of manage of intelligence of be good at danger serves meaning of own research and development platform, simplify greatly material of insurant manage compensate and flow, manage reparations can arrive the most quickly inside 3 minutes Zhang. Exchange of capital of finance of the sea before Shenzhen is with the technology such as catenary of AI, area piece rely on, take the lead in rolling out what be core really with asset ancient bronze mirror to supply chain assets to serve Yun Ping stage in the whole nation, the commerce that help strength protects manage orgnaization to differentiate asset authenticity, be on guard con risk. Number of list of case of outstanding finance innovation declares the sea before 2019 year unit case name small small company borrows money on pure line of initiate of whole nation of Inc. of numerous bank of the Hai Wei before 1 Shenzhen product — small line of business borrows 2 money Fu Tong to pay limited company of science and technology the industry the shift outside first conditions pays