Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The culture that is rich community woman lives, characteristic of inheritance people culture. Wood dragon community was begun in the morning on July 2 ” the culture like cloth ” buccal gold bag makes an activity.
Mobile beginning, the staff member revealed the buccal gold package of a few finished product for everybody, introduced the historical origin that buccal gold wraps. Dwellers express to wrap a bag to look at in succession elegant, but build personally or compare difficulty. Staff member at the same time handgrip hand from 0 begin to explain, distribute sundry cloth, needle, line for everybody at the same time. Be used to of serious and orderly geoscience makes everybody, master tailor essentials very quickly. Individual age big dweller is wearing presbyopic looking glass, him devote of ground of do needlework skilfully in work. Everybody communicates each other, spot atmosphere be in harmony of its Le Rong. Of the first work that finish why the aunt shares experience actively for everybody, demonstrate how to let wrap a bag to get acquainted with firm and craft is meticulous and full. Those who pass two hours is elaborate make, each elegant buccal gold bag appears in everybody’s hand gradually, look at oneself achievement, everybody was full of achievement feeling in the heart, there is happy smile on the face. This second activity fostered the consciousness of traditional and manual culture of community dweller, experience classic handmade glamour, inheritance and the beauty that develop raw ingredient life and grace, promote traditional handiwork culture is pithy, play the significance between close community dweller at the same time, for community cloth art lover built study, reveal the platform with communication.


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