Net of Pu Dian of Shenzhen of · of end of client seeing Zhen on December 9 dispatch (reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen Li Yunyun Reporter Zhang Jianguo) through a year of assault fortified positions, recently, limited company of products of toy of the mountain austral the Shenzhen that has great society effect (the following abbreviation ” company of Na Ling toy ” ) go bankrupt liquidation proposal obtained significant progress. This case was certainly 2018 by dragon hillock court hold turn first when what broken case accepts after court of pilot grass-roots unit are appointed by city quadrangle administer great go bankrupt liquidation case, also be the complex case with an extremely high difficulty, the sense of milepost type is had on history of dragon hillock court. This year on October 22 10 when, the judicatory that clean out treasure auctions platform to go up, auction of one picket judicatory is in contest price. This when the dot is the sale closes originally time, but because contend is too intense, the auction extends time limit again and again, until passed 12 when contest buys ability end, the auction clinchs a deal finally with fifty million five hundred and sixty-five thousand yuan, excessive price 14.2 million yuan, and auction right now already delay time 72. The auction that succeeds this, of mark be not general article, however the 100% equity that the United States considers company of toy of the mountain austral hold of place of group limited company. As a result of Na Ling toy company closes down, owed debt of a huge sum, default wages of more than 2700 employee and economic compensation gold to be as high as more than yuan 7000 only; And the insolvency of forensic dominant is liquidated, make the asset of this company clinchs a deal via two auctions eighty-seven million seven hundred and eigh深圳休闲会所论坛ty-four thousand two hundred yuan, in all excessive price 32.8 million yuan, excessive price is led 59.66% . Current, go bankrupt experience of liquidation proposal place the creditor’s rights such as the salary of 2700 employ深圳外围经纪ee is total already pay off of full specified amount, total sale property and company other asset already also had sex deal with end, the processing of the case already entered ending phase. Manage encounter tired stop production to seal factory legal person ” be missing ” Litigant confused rises as we have learned, mountain toy company held water in December 1992 south, register capital 2.5 million dollar, partner considers group limited company for the United States, the legal representative is Hong Kong ” toy king ” Zheng Mou big. This company major servicing is the international such as acting treatment Cat, Hot Wheels the toy finished product of well-known trademark, period of at the height of power and splendour has stuff 4000 much people, ever was Long Gang ” star company ” . On August 27, 2018, mountain toy company entrusts a lawyer to announce this day has stop production south, seal factory, liquidation, conceal of some Hong Yin of legal representative Zheng disappears. Classics is preliminary check, asset of face of this company Zhang and receivable Zhang money are aggregate and insufficient 300 million yuan, and Zhang face is indebted about 480 million yuan. Be eager to safeguarding the worker of rights and interests and supplier, day after day large-scale gather in company periphery to denounce firewood to chase after debt, caused bigger social effect. After incident of this company close a business happens, dragon hillock area appoint, district government height takes seriously, establish a working group technically to undertake harmony handling, dragon hillock court also intervenes ahead of schedule, adopted in time to this company measure conserves before appealing to, existent to its asset undertook check the amount is mixed register. In dragon hillock area appoint, below the harmonious arrangement of district government, the arbitration of work of classics of trouble between labor and management of many 2700 employee and company affirms, many yuan of 1900 base pay already pay for sb and expect to be repaid later. But hundreds supplier is owed amount of payment for goods is huge, have many 70 in succession to lodge a complaint of Xiang Longgang court. After this approves series record put on record before long, dragon hillock area battalion headquarters of some plastic electron classics offerred companies of pair of Na Ling toy to Shenzhen quadrangle go bankrupt liquidation application. Shenzhen quadrangle classics applies for approval Guangdong omits tall courtyard sanction, appoint You Longgang c罗湖环保场推荐ourt to hear this case. Capital fund is multiple processing has a risk Forensic order changeover is advanced steadily on November 15, 2018, ruling of dragon hillock court accepted this to go bankrupt liquidation proposal, pass shake bead means make choice of administrative person. Because number of this case creditor is numerous, asset and debt situation are complex, involve worke罗湖时光水会体验 高跟r pay and the issue such as intellectual property of a large number of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals at the same time, have great society effect, leadership of dragon hillock court takes seriously highly, appoint by深圳西乡汉鼎休闲会所 backbone judge compositive collegiate bench undertakes should go bankrupt liquidation proposal. Accept in the ruling go bankrupt before liquidation proposal, this courtyard mediated a supplier successfully to sue 48 in series case, of total bid amount to many yuan 3600, satisfactory intercessory job got favorable legal result and social result, to sequel each work begin smoothly laid good foundation. On December 18, 2018, collegiate bench and administrative person undertake belongings take-overs, discover this case processing puts in a lot of difficulty: It is the data that take-overs above all very finite, company condition is extremely unidentified clear, the financial data before close down and proof are short of badly break, serve contract, accredit to produce file photocopy besides several contracts that rent, security personnel outside, did not take-over to run concerned other sale with company production file of contract, accredit, purchase the contract, contract that rent, partner the important data such 深圳宝安休闲会所吹as resolution of meeting resolution, board of directors. It is asset next very complex, guard cost is high, asset of this company objective evaluates valence to add up to 54.94 million yuan, include many machine facilities, mould, raw material and finished product of many 230 toy, deposit at 6 place storehouse and plant area, charge of canal of every months of storehouse is close 2 million yuan, and existence is grabbed by pilfer, appearance be seeinged by leach, auction and remove the serious secret worry such as inconvenience. The 3rd thorny issue is, evaluate valence to be worth finished product of thirty-six million three hundred and sixty-five thousand yuan many 230 toys to all involve the intellectual property outside region, among them the toy trademark trade mark right of the half is factitious the foreign company such as the United States, England, other in part belongs to Hong Kong some company, also do not eliminate to still be put in the likelihood of other intellectual property. In addition a particularly serious problem is, this company defaulted many 2700 employee and debt of many 200 a huge sum of the supplier, among them many people because of this body defect is embarrassed. Above a variety of elements make collegiate bench and administrative person are immersed in be in a dilemma: High specified number goes bankrupt the abidance of the scroll of charge, asset devalues, the pressure with certain dimension, ask collegiate bench and administrative person must deal with as soon as possible asset. However collegiate bench and administrative person cannot from take-over valuable information is gotten in the data, so that contact the obligee of toy finished product directly, classics of toy finished product original channel is exported. Below the circumstance that agrees without intellectual property person, rushed deal with the legal risk that toy finished product may cause tort not only, put possibly even in other great hidden danger. On March 21, 2019, dragon hillock court called together company of Na Ling toy to go bankrupt conference of creditor of liquidation proposal first time, the bay austral delegate of worker of company of toy of many 120 administrative person group, creditor, Na Ling and dragon hillock area is street work station, dimension does firmly waited for relevant branch chief to attend the meeting. Dragon hillock area appoint accreditation of politics and law gives in a school class of staff member whole journey the conference. On the meeting, administrative person made level sex report of examine and verify of findings report of state of working report, belongings, creditor’s rights, and the problem that the spot solved creditor to focus attention, deepened creditor to liquidate working understanding and understanding to going bankrupt. The conference still votes passe深圳福田按摩d ” company worth runs program ” reach ” go bankrupt plan of property appraise at the current rate ” two principle plan, obtained expect the result, those who be succeeding activity is successful begin laid a foundation. The processing that this the conference means this case turns formally paragraph, turn formally into belongings to deal with by preparation of early days investigation namely level. Breakthrough bottleneck Bold attempt ” reforming of equity sale type ” because average per capita of trade mark right of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals did not give out with respect to the processing of toy of experience record label tardy,obtain satisfactory result specific authorization or answer opinion, go bankrupt the biggest obstacle that belongings handles still exists. But time varies person, collegiate bench and administrative person course study deep repeatedly, found next working train of thought eventually, standing fast namely below the premise of intellectual property bottom line, give attention to two or morethings is lawful gender and sex of effectiveness for a given period of time, to going bankrupt belongings un深圳市十大洗浴中心dertakes section deals with classified. Operate program according to the first pace, undertake auctioning to involving the equipment of intellectual property, car, raw material, semi-manufactured goods to wait above all. On June 14, 2019, mountain toy company goes broke south auction of belongings first time clinchs a deal with thirty-seven million two hundred and nineteen thousand two hundred yuan, adjacent case send price double. This on sale brought tremendous surpr深圳东方园水疗会所怎么样ise successfully to everybody, but also accentuated at the same time what collegiate bench makes destroy by melting or burning possibly to toy product handle is deep anxious. The trade mark right that there are 1.2 million in these toys is factitious the effective control person of company of Na Ling toy or its correlation company, collegiate bench and hardships of administrative person course try hard, established the communication channel with effective control person successfully eventually. Undertake negotiation repeatedly through a variety of means, the United States considers group limited company eventually written statement agrees with free demise equity, hong Kong some company is written also statement is termless agree to manage a person to deal with involve thirdly the inventory toy of the brand. Be based on this, on July 19, 2019, administrative person deals with with respect to surplus capital put forward equity to auction type reforming plan, be about to the rest of company of Na Ling toy is all asset bales plan into equity value, direct sale beauty thinks of group limited company to hold 100% equity of company of toy of the mountain austral some. This plan avoided experience of direct disciplinary action the toy finished product of intellectual property, avoid issue of intellectual property of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, be helpful for realizing property value the biggest change. Via be being proved with all possible means, dragon hillock court thinks深圳罗湖水疗排行榜 this plan 深圳999丝抒按摩reality is feasible, ruled 深圳西乡会所口吹on August 21 to Na Ling toy company undertakes reforming then, reforming plan got the understanding of all creditor and support, ruled on September 12 approval reforming plans again then and stop company of Na Ling toy to go bankrupt liquidation program. On October 22, the United States thinks of place of group limited company to hold 100% equity of company of Na Ling toy to clinch a deal with fifty million five hundred and sixty-five thousand yuan on platform of auction of the judicatory that clean out treasure, excessive price 14.2 million yuan. On October 29, vendee is paid the auction clinchs a deal paragraph. So far, the 深圳汪碧云total assets of company of Na Ling toy deals with end. Current, the odd and total creditor’s rights of many 2700 staff of company of Na Ling toy fifty-three million four hundred and eighty-four thousand yuan of successful already cash, the finished product of many 230 toy that auctions equity correspondence already received processing to end by vendee. This case already began ending. In process of this case cognizance, collegiate bench and administrative person insist to handle process whole journey open and transparent, through the government relevant section, email, invite employee staying behind to be interviewed delegate, in time wait for means to will go bankrupt the newest tendercy that liquidates the job is announced to all creditor, gained the accredit of all creditor and support. Especially, in the whole journey that tries in this case, business section is right related Shenzhen quadrangle collegiate bench and administrative person give coach wholeheartedly, dragon hillock area 民治mm国际水会好玩吗appoint, district government gives Long Gang the court with supporting energetically, pass ” linkage of government office courtyard ” , in street reach relevant government sector give full cooperation below, found a place for in time go bankrupt company staff, dissolved firm hidden trouble of of all kinds dimension, safeguard goes bankrupt belongings is safe, make case processing is able to undertake smoothly in order, implementation goes深圳桑拿水疗休闲会所转让 bankrupt property value is the greatest change, cogent the interest that maintained all creditor such as company staff and supplier, those who achieved political effect, law effect and social result is much win. Dragon hillock court goes bankrupt in company of Na Ling toy in the case, bold attempt goes broke reforming of type of company equity sale, realized each profit the biggest change, exit for similar market main body explored new thinking and way. The successful processing of this case, certainly will makes environment of local battalion business add cent, the innovation train of thought that reflected a court to build environment of good run business for area under administration and serve as actively, and the responsibility in supply side reform and take on, in Long Gang the court goes bankrupt the sense that milepost type has on adjudgement history.