Dragon hillock dweller greeted bosom of hospital of Shenzhen of hospital of tumour of academy of medical sciences of China of activity of popular science of having sth new surgical Ma Kai holds the position of compere to see net of Pu Dian of Zhen client end, Shenzhen on December 9 dispatch (Zhang Fan of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen’s network reporter’s reporter plan, dragon hillock dweller welcomed activity of popular science of having sth new, come from the 8 youths doctor of hospital of Shenzhen of hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences, one is brought for the citizen in city of red cubic book from ” first ” to ” abdomen ” the popular science that prevent cancer. Pectoral surge公明金月亮288技师图片ry horse Professor Kai expresses mobile compere, be in ” everybody is him health person of the first responsibility ” new era, tumor prevents and cure ” national group ” the means that hopes to pass popular science, let ABC of prophylaxis and treatment of citizen control cancer, also introduce remedial progress at the same time, need not talk about cancerous color to change again. Tumor = chronic? 8 large position defend cancerous knowledge catch the whole lot in an action in January 2019, national cancer center released the countrywide cancer count of newest first phase, data shows exceed 10 thousand person on average to be by diagnose everyday cancer, minutely 7.5 people are by diagnose cancer, compare with historical data phase, diagnose number is increasing gradually. To major citizen, tumor is the noun of your life Wei, it is even ” incurable disease ” pronominal, once diagnose is relevant disease, from mentally special accept hard. “Since 2006, the international orgnaization such as WHO had called before ” incurable disease ” it is OK that cancer redefine is the cure, control, chronic that cures even ” . Director Ma Kai alleviates with a large number of fresh case mood of spot audience insecurity, “Patient of a lot of tumour can survive for a long time as before, do not affect life, can make the progress speed of cancer slow come down through relevant control and cure, let cancer get controlling like diabetic, hypertension, help patient takes tumour to live, and have taller live quality and live longerly time. Surgery of make water of surgery of bowel of surgery of internal medicine of tumour of hospital of Shenzhen of hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences, neck, mammary gland surgery, bosom surgery, courage surgery, stomach, department of gynaecology, secrete expedites popular science delegate respectively, niu Niu of 8 young doctors, Ma Heng, Sun Jia happy, Yang Chenglin, Wei Zhicheng, Zhou Shengnan, Padiman, Guo Wenmin is thyroid cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, , cite many caricature and data of case of illness, of Wen Bingmao of explain the profound things in a simple way, graph shared human body from ” first ” to ” abdomen ” the tumour of 8 large position is relevant knowledge, get the warm reception of spot audience. Game + justice examine ” national group ” need not run again in Long Gang on north wide the cancer knowledge popular science besides major, hospital of Shenzhen of hospital of tumour of Chi深圳2019扫黄多久结束nese academy of medical sciences still brought two wonderful small program — bring by 11 nurses ” angel washs his hands hold ” , teach 深圳环保休闲会所everybody the accurate method that wash on罗湖红牌e’s hands with orchestic means. “Safe bodyguard little game ” the game way that protects personnel to act the wounded to undertake appealing to spot audience through cure, set an example correctly to everybody about athletic injury, scald, acute implement injury, collision injury, eyewinker blocks larynx 5 kinds of families are common the processing means of cut. Paramedic coachs through imitate cut spot him audience starts work wrap up, set an example to operate accurate method thoroughly for everybody again subsequently. Finally, paramedic still sent health ” little gift is wrapped ” to many citizens, have inside medical cotton autograph, ice bag, medical cut is stuck etc need in all sorts of homes machine parts or tools kept in reserve! Mr Wang t深圳龙深圳环保按摩指数岗水会服务hat enters popular science activity expresses, “This popular science is benefited quite much, the cancer in changing my mind thoroughly is equal to the idea of incurable disease, I can share the knowledge that acquires today my family friend. ” the activity still has justice examine link finally, professor Ma Kai guides the young doctors that come from each section office to solve doubt to answer for spot audience be puzzled, let everybody know tumor prevents and cure ” national group ” already take root Shenzhen, it is to dragon hillock dweller especially at the door the home, treat a serious illness to need not run again on north wide. Relevant link: Brief introduction of hospital of Shenzhen of hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences on November 10, 2019, the whole nation provides one of hospital pop chart of authority most, fudan University hospital深圳新悦水会服务价格 manages an institute to weigh a pound to release pop chart of hospital of 2018 year China, tumor prevents and cure ” national group ” — hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences parts in surgery of oncology, bosom implementation ” 10 Lian Guan ” , ” 9 Lian Guan ” ! Those who make a person surprizing is, formal on March 18, 2017 autograph uncovers a shop sign about, prevent and cure by tumor ” national group ” the hospital of Shenzhen of hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences of operation, ascended Hua Na namely second year pop chart of fame of area hospital specialized subject is odd, with 12 histories long provincial hospital obtains tumor division to nominate together! Achieve ” the youngest “深圳商务模特哪里有 on record of hospital of a list of names posted up, it is specialized subject of Shenzhen city tumour go up exclusively hospital of a list of names posted up, it is this domain more the hospital is seleted outside visitting exclusive Guangzhou town completely. To defeat solution Shenzhen city of population of this ten million does not have hospital of tumor specialized subject, 80% tumour patient needs to rush about the pain spot of wide the people’s livelihood on north, defend approval of committee of planning 深圳酒店桑拿via former state, hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences and hospital of Shenzhen of hospital of tumour of academy of medical sciences of China of operation of collaboration of Shenzhen municipal government. In He Jie academician the leader falls, initiate sexual ground to put forward ” one courtyard two areas ” development is politic, namely two courtyards area shares construction of technology, talent, course to wait for resource of medical treatment of top tumour specialized subject in the round, two ground develop Beijing, Shenzhen in coordination. In Feburary 2017, dean of afforest of He Jie academician, king guides Beijing total courtyard first 25, the expert group of doctor of assis深圳哪里洗浴过夜tant tall director garrisons Shenzhen formally to work, begin the poineering course of take root Shenzhen. Up to now permanent Shenzhen expert is close 50 people, total courtyard is accredited come deep cycle expert 110 more than person-time. The side of these medical treatment elite helps profit from up belt, pass hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences quickly 60 years to accumulate, more domestic and international than the shoulder method of the most advanced diagnosis and treatment and course construction are successful ” transplant ” Shenzhen, alleviate effectively Shenzhen and circumjacent area resident ” it is difficult to treat a serious illness ” problem. Up to on October 31, 2019, complete courtyard already opened ill area of be in hospital 20, section office 25, complete courtyard total bed counts 822 pieces, 760 people are broken through in courtyard patient, the patient pervades except municipality of city of all province of whole nation of area of HongKong and Maco深圳南山全套桑拿会所w. Protect total courtyard to take advanced courses through cure of Beijing expert cycle, Shenzhen wait for direct talent to flow, 10 many section office add capital the informatiz深圳锦鸿休闲会所微信ation method of system of deep long-range consultation, and each course is weekly and regular MDT, preliminary implementation Beijing is deep two ground medical treatment serves ” coessential change ” . Hospital of Shenzhen of hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences by hospi深圳皇家贵族会所tal of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences (national cancer center) establish jointly with Shenzhen municipal government, it is hospital of Shenzhen city’s only tumor specialized subj环保指数668什么意思ect. The hospital is located in road of carry on one’s shoulder of treasure of dragon hillock area 113, accumulate 96403 ㎡ with深圳环保会所名单 the ground, bed of work out of first phase project 800 pieces. The hospital will build proton to treat a center to wait 2022, total bed digit achieves 2000 pieces.