Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Maigre take community, healthy we him, new concept of maigre environmental protection is a proposal not only, it is a kind of manner more. Maigre it is tide not only, more healthy. Maigre it is food not only, it is culture more. On July 3, 2019 afternoon 14: 30 minutes, door community developed project of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood east, ” maigre into community, green is beneficent begin from the home ” the 3rd maigre groom, in east center of activity of old person of door community starlight develops the first activity.  Mobile spot, teacher of poplar of give a lecture explains the benefit that eats vegetable from angle of safety of characteristic of old person food, food, from organic the mystery that collocation of the choice that feeds capable person, nutrition opens maigre nutrition to match evenly. Arrive from theory solid drill schoolteaching kind, let a dweller learn many maigre dish to taste a variety of cooking knowledge, nutrition that feed capable person tie-in skill, learned style of 5 healthy and maigre dish: Jujube paste of wet soup of dispel of preserve one’s health, horse’s hoof lets fruit, steamed Qiu Kui, straw mushroom fry salad of water melon kidney bean, fruit. Spot dweller states this second study results is full in succession.


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