“Put in a heart ‘s charge — traditional Chinese painting of husband of large bamboo hat is exhibited ” in Lo深圳 南山 kb场ng Gang culture center exhibits hall to begin. Net of allusion of cattail of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen on December 10 dispatch (Xie Yuyan of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) on December 10, you Longgang area appoint propagandist department is sponsorred, the " that Wen Liancheng of Long Gang area does puts in a heart ‘s charge — traditional Chinese painting of husband of large bamboo hat is exhibited ” in Long Gang area culture center exhibits hall to begin, all of work of husband of large bamboo hat of artistic conception of attune of more than 60 national condition in be permeated with, Ch罗湖 会所磨棒 服务ina and Chinese feelings exhibits. Dragon hillock area appoint Shang Boying of minister of ministry of members of standing committee, propaganda attends an opening ceremony. 深圳福田按摩kb380″ graph putting in a heart ‘s charge ” . Husband of large bamboo hat, move toward contemporary painter of international. 2015, husband of large bamboo hat exhibit ” poetic flavour Chi深圳外围女预约号na ” the success is scored in North America, be known as ” the culture emissary that brings the world the Oriental and aesthetic interest that is full of poetic flavour ” . The work of husband of more than 60 large bamboo hat that exhibits this, one part comes from his深圳福田哪里有桑拿 the work that spring exhibits in Shenzhen art gallery this year, one part is his what create in Victoria this summer is new make. Among them ” 9 graphs aing thoroghbred horse ” the series drawing a horse that is a delegate, presented bright Oriental words condition and individual style; The viridescence hill water system that represents style of husband of large bamboo hat is listed, criterion with pure and fresh and refined times scene, the mental breath with free from vulgarity bright and beautiful, highlighted work of husband of large bamboo hat further differentiate degree. ” 9 深圳微信选商务模特graphs aing thoroghbred horse ” attract a citizen to stop appreciation. “The picture of husband of large bamboo hat has ancient idea not only, still have thick nostalgic, those who exhibit is a picture not merely, still have first heart. ” chief expresses related couplet of article of dragon hillock area, hillock of dragon of settle of art exhibition of husband of large bamboo hat, mean a when dragon hillock art upgrades new start. Serve as the city of the great fortune of Shenzhen, prospective Long Gang, be sure to form have familiar to the ear can of detailed ” big fragrance village mode ” , also have the echo of photograph of artist be born 深圳皇室水疗休闲会所of international eye shot, form the new structure of dragon hillock culture that let a hundred flowers blossom thereby. Hope this is planted decorous, of high level start artistic activity formerly, the acquisition that can enhance citizen culture to go up feels, make the life of decorous art and community some closer, become the interior force of placatory modern finally. It is reported, art exhibition will come continuously on December 30, interested citizen can head for free appreciation. Brief introduction of individual of husband of large bamboo hat: Husband of large bamboo hat, the word sends a boat. Move toward contemporary China painter of international; The Oriental culture emissary that reside abroad. In May 2019, husband of large bamboo hat exhibit ” how this heart is in is my countryside ” hold in Shenzhen art gallery, cause wide attention. The picture wind of delicate grace, the style that Su Shidu establishs, the artistic conception of Gu Yixin wind, provide a tradition greatly to inside information the individual character that becomes a style oneself again is conveyed, be known as in recent years ” the art exhibition that touchs popular feeling most ” (Zhang Zhongliang of vice-chairman of couplet of Shenzhen city article) . Be in early 2016, husband of large bamboo hat exhibit ” poetic flavour China ” in North America make a great coup, be known as " Oriental culture emissary " (Canadian media Time Colonist, april 2, 2016) . Professor of central academy of fine arts, art management and Yu Ding of pedagogic courtyard dean evaluate husband of large bamboo hat ” the guileless that draw wind, have ancient idea quite, the landscape painting forces continuously Song Yuan, law of chapped of calligraphy or drawing, chase after Ma Xia’s wind, the meaning with copy unconscious king; Its picture copy is ancient, liberal however Yu Gu, take the place of with color Chinese 深圳桑拿水会排名ink or take the place of with Chinese ink color, collocation of Chinese ink co深圳按摩指数对照表lor all has new idea. The character draws the wind that has Song Hua quite, weigh disposition depict, heavy ” keep a heart ” deepness. With its landscape, character differs, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style of husband of large bamboo hat has latter-day energy of life, plum of fragrant throughwort Chinese ink gets the result that bookman writes, cordial elegant, simple and unadorned. ”   distinguished scholar Professor Pi Daojian thinks ” husband of large bamboo hat is the example that Chinese culture takes. When new water Chinese ink, co深圳宝安休闲会所吹ntemporary art blots out the sky and cover up the earth, husband of large bamboo hat however develop a new style or a new method of one’s own, be brave in to be searched in Chinese traditional art, go exploring深圳华都水会有服务吗, this itself needs a kind of free spirit. ” square curat深圳罗湖水疗会所全套or of Zhang Yan of   Shenzhen art gallery thinks ” the view that the painter’s paraphernalia of gentleman of husband of large bamboo hat has Song Ming. He with devotional heart, learn to past dynasties the ancients, the outstanding tradition of the traditional Chinese painting in acceding in the round. Regard China as the artist, he uses Chinese means, overseas told about language of Oriental mainstream culture and artistic artistic conception. ” Wu Yundong of academician of   Chinese Academy of Sciences is evaluated ” exploration Zuo theres is no lack of to grind in the work of husband of large bamboo hat, hold harbour receiving , brave concurrently at th罗湖环保微信群e division drive with new . Husband of large bamboo hat respects a tradition but not by rule… the peddler that he is aesthetic of vision of grace of Chinese water Chinese ink, also be the person that drive Chinese culture to walk out of the carry out that go to go. ”   China is artistic net of art of elegant prosperous of the first net with ” ” Oriental beauty ” Jing is colourful abroad: Husband of large bamboo hat ” defend deciding after that ” ” in the comment says: “The art of husband of large bamboo hat carries out a proof, coequal and as important as innovation is, shou Zhengdu seeks elite and power in the tradition on the spot, that ability is us the people is born the fetch that is born not to cease. ” old and well-known family of art of one’s previous experience of husband of   large bamboo hat, study abroad Japan, swim beauty learning center. One’s early years regards TV as producer, cove深圳欧式环保按摩r art of a lot of country everybody, and to it Yi Shiyi is friendly; Japan of public 1990 school grinds write TV skill, the contemporary bookman of creation is drawn, be collected by president of rich hill TV station and local gallery. In peak of media person profession during, husband of large bamboo hat pursues inner passion, abandon TV person profession, specialize in brushwork. 2015, work of husband of large bamboo hat lands North America, become Canadian national painted corridor — Victoria the Oriental artist that key of gallery WINCHESTER GALLERIES recommends Wenqiesite, also be the exclusive Chinese in artist of more than 60 whole world. The 14th Wen Bo was met 2018 on, husband of large bamboo hat with ” return ” for painting and calligraphy of poem of theme, be in harmony the series work at an organic whole, be held in both hands by heat Tibetan the home, become Wen Bo to be able to suffer the artist of attention fully. Current, work of husband of large bamboo hat by Canada the orgnaization such as art gallery of town of college of gallery of gallery, Japanese rich hill, Guangzhou collects Wenqiesite; Also be floated collect by Europe, North America, Japan and 深圳洗浴会所668宝安区Cang Jiaan of big China area.