Editor’s note: ? Still plinth dam promotes form of cangue Ge ⒂ to show dispute extraction ⒂ to divide? of province barium male contraction is the task that new era offers to the journalist, also be to increase ” 4 force ” the times mark that teachs style of writing of style of practice, complete change. Shenzhen news network is advocated ” short reality is new ” , object ” false vast sky ” , in practice promotion edits the reporter’s footwork, eyesight, mental, style of writing or drawing. Our editor reporter carries out ceaseless and thorough basic level, development, hardheaded interview and write make a batch ” touch dew, risk steam ” press. Is Chen Yan red (right) in river of make one’s rounds is Chen Yan red (right) detect to water system sampling: of dispatch of network of Luo Hu home? White? check looks up sewage draining exit, cannot let an enterprise take the advantage of rainstorm to steal blowdown water. ” Chu Xia a rainstorm, brought water of yellow mud of a gleam of to Shenzhen river, “Civilian river is long ” reflex of condition of old Yan Gong is like the ground to carry case of river removing make one’s rounds, began busy work one day. Her job that protect a river, it is go on a tour of inspection discharges Hong He from Shenzhen reservoir to Shenzhen river this one end length makes an appointment with 3.84 kilometers reach, increased cloth auspicious reach again later, ensure sewage is not emited into by ill will in wadi. , a day of average go on a tour of inspection, old Yan Gong protects a river is 20 years. Chen Yan protects river career redly, begin to act at dimension authority. “1999, I live by the side of Shenzhen river, see around car trades at that time square emits into a large number of pungent smeary liquid waste Shenzhen river directly everyday, I and neighbour people very distressed. ” old Yan Gong and neighbour people observe river side everyday, gather evidence, to guard door mouth this square green water runs. Fall hard in them, shenzhen government sector is driven, pushed major reform, to whole town lacquer of ability in swimming of requisition of industry of vehicle maintenance and repair replaces oily lacquer. Begin from river of initiative make one’s rounds, old Yan Gong and once the neighbour that common thought fors the time being people, drove 2017 establish Dong Yihuan to keep volunteer society, from ” part-time job ” became ” full-time ” protect a river. Each days, they are on duty by turns nurse river side, stare at sewage draining exit, check wadi, discovery is unusual draw out the mobile phone that installed software of river of make one’s rounds, film the photograph uploads ” official river is long ” , report environmental protection branch to river water sampling. “Once we discover a sewage draining exit is ceaseless eduction is cloudy Huang Ni water, photograph hair is made to street river long-term hired hand group in be less than half hours, relevant section reachs the spot, rapid lock decides source. ” civilian river grows old Yan Gong to express, efficient job enhanced the government sector greatly the faith that folk protects river power. Besides river of daily make one’s rounds, old Yan Gong still is guided ” civilian river is long ” people into community, into campus, publicize river of make one’s rounds, propagandist environmental protection. After rivers of many person hear make one’s rounds are experienced, initiative in joining rank of river of make one’s rounds, come. The student volunteer that comes from Hong Kong, Singapore and inland participated in river of make one’s rounds, still bring their major to suggest. Controller of company of science and technology came, brought unmanned environment to monitor environment of boat, water to monitor unmanned aircraft to wait for tool of river of high-tech make one’s rounds, offer old Yan Gong to be used freely, promoted river of make one’s rounds efficiency greatly. In December 2018, shenzhen river water quality already achieved surface water Ⅴ continuously kind standard, for 30 come for years best level. Also be to be in this year, old Yan Gong is judged to head by area of Shenzhen collect lake batch ” the most beautiful emissary that protect a river ” . Alleged Yi Ren, in water one party. From most the person that initial thought fors the time being, arrive ” the most beautiful emissary that protect a river ” , old Yan Gong witnessed the enormous changes that Shenzhen river administers with 20 years. (Reporter: ? Grand of bell of Guigong of Peng of Qin Chuan of graceful of? king sea puts Jia Min of Li Hui Liu on the ice) reporter hand is written down, shenzhen riverside, shenzhen news network ” carry out goes 4 force ” the road of river of make one’s rounds of stricture of the take a photo as a souvenir when prevent floods by water control reports group and civilian river grow river of make one’s rounds one case, taking kit of river of make one’s rounds, wearing red waists-coat, taking the mobile phone that installs software of river of good make one’s rounds, the reporter follows cautiously at the back of Chen Yan is red, lest lose one’s footing falls into water, and all the way, they keep taking skill machine to record appearing problem, wait with good through reporting an aftertreatment pollution issue, form is used to record process of river of make one’s rounds even during, use kit measures fluvial water quality. The team of river of make one’s rounds of twosome, want to make an appointment with 8 kilometers on foot everyday. Work 365 days a year from river of uninterrupted make one’s rounds, let reporter from the bottom of one’s heart plaint the contribution that civilian river grows to be administered to Shenzhen river, see safeguard the resolution with clear river, experience green to prospective Shenzhen hill light green, happiness is born to expect alive. (Zhong Hongbing) tell about redly in Chen Yan in, I hear a maximum term is ” join ” , walk into the feeling of her office like first time, very a kind of force of solidarity. Of a person hold to, the affiliation that drove a flock of people of a flock of; people hold to, brought the affiliation of increasing volunteer and enterprise again. “A brave man is helped 3 times ” , the student volunteer that comes from Hong Kong, Singapore was joined, the controller of enterprise of science and technology was joined, with her together diligent force holds to, walk, monitor, communicate, with the city master attitude is guarding this one ” gold water bank ” . How to arouse, gather together better remove this ” brave man ” force, arouse social all circles to broad masses supports extensively and participate in green jade water to guard battle, be afraid need government takes out more fact to speak help. (Wang Haiting) in the process that Peng Guigong of reporter of Shenzhen news network is covering civilian river to grow old Yan Gong, my biggest feeling is she touched a flock of people, let ” destroy an environment ” the dweller is initiative care environment, throw in action of the prevent floods by water control that protect water. Of river of old swallow red make one’s rounds ” nail door ” spirit, touched in river side ” uncivilized walk a dog ” dweller. This part dweller by not fasten dog catenary, let a dog everywhere relieve oneself, to the own department later dog rope walks a dog, the newspaper on the belt clears dog excrement and urine, inform against behavior of the sewage that steal a platoon actively to them then. “This also is the thing that I throw in the action that protect a river to feel the most gratified. ” old Yan Gong says. (Peng Guigong) perhaps old Yan Gong mixes Liu Jiamin of reporter of Shenzhen news network her associate people, it is to guard in one party of Shenzhen river water ” Yi Ren ” . From her between the lines, the reporter saw person of an environmental protection do not forget first heart, from her working enthusiasm, the reporter saw her heat up pillow to the have one’s bosom filled with of environmental protection career, situation is bad commendable, and row and cherish. (Liu Jiamin) in impression of Li Hui of reporter of Shenzhen news network, “Guard ” the force that one word appears to taking a continous to grow tenderness, ground of enjoy sth bitter as if it were malt sugar irrigates time among them. Harships go the same way of 20 years, can change a lot of, of day of beneficial development of the city zone, circumjacent Lou Yu change, and the Shenzhen river that restores vitality gradually, be in gradually changeless is that however in the life of fast rhythm portion still sturdy tender feelings. It is Chen He grows not merely actually, still a lot of grow a few years of such consistent day to defend the person of this city like Chen He. Say like old Yan Gong, safeguard our collective home everybody to have duty, want us to be willing only, can stand fast all the time. (Li Hui)