Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday morning, collect lake area east lake piece the district is municipal labour of high of project of main body of water supply project, will connect water formally at the end of this month, this primary second line ” land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another ” piece the several dwellers of the area are about to drink on cheap water, ” be at ease water ” . When Luo Wenzhi of director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress inspects to project spot, the urban National People’s Congress that promotes this project to last 6 many years is represented ” dot assist ” , be them with ” insist green hill to be not loosened ” spirit is civilian walk on duty, “Lake water is stranded east ” the dawn that the broken Jie Yinglai of difficult problem wins. Several dwellers are defending reservoir to use cut off the water supply of water bad a week 34 times, every family should use container store water, very difficult imagination is in Shenzhen city of this a gleam of still can have such village. Although defending Shenzhen reservoir, but include hill lake house, green the Luo Hu division that reflects mountain villa of heart of house, cloth to wait inside east the lake is many streeter the village already was used the question with difficult water was perplexed 10 old long. Dwellers tell a reporter, the second line that Long Gang and collect lake have a common boundary belong to formerly here ” land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another ” , just brought into collect lake area 2003 east the lake is street administer. Because of historical reason, municipal water supply cannot arrive directly, dweller all lives use pressurization pump 2 times temporarily by each enterprise with water or 3 times pressurization furnishs, not only hydraulic and insufficient, and often water quality is cloudy hard drinkable. And such water, local dweller is paid even 2 yuan taller than general water cost / the price of stere. 2012, receive into community in the delegate in visitting an activity, dwellers are mirrorred most, it is this problem. “It is difficult to cannot let a dweller defending reservoir to use water absolutely. ” by Luo Hu area National People’s Congress takes the lead on behalf of Chen Zhifang, two class representing put forward many urban district on the foundation in survey about solving ” east lake water is tired ” the proposal proposal of the problem. Project 3 fold a delegate to drove this proposal proposal to have turn very quickly continuously. Height of group of town water Wu values the proposal of representing, began the construction of project of relevant water supply Summer 2013. However the progress of the project is not great. Because the project provides the opposition of village of part of net place by way of and stand in the way, the project uses the account such as the ground, cost, the project is forced 5 times shutdown. Every time, representing launch survey in the light of specific issue, offer a solution, promote a project new go into operation. 2016, use ground issue in the light of the project, shenzhen city and combination of standing committee of collect lake borough hold National People’s Congress to ask politics meeting on behalf of TV, invite relevant function branch and delegate of National People’s Congress ” east lake water is tired ” settlement way undertakes discussion, this asks politics meeting classics media to the report causes social attention. The leader that visit town makes important written instructions to solving this problem respectively, drove the progress of the project. Shutdown of project last time happened last year in August, because the project was enrolled 2012,project cost, protracted open man-hour to 2018, the expenses such as artificial stuff already rose considerably, the contract is fulfilled hard, project construction enters deadlock. Delegate of urban National People’s Congress acts again, suggest procuratorate of Luo Hu area spreads out commonweal lawsuit to supervise on one hand, send a delegate to contact construction of case requirement project to just be brave in to assume social responsibility on one hand, solve a problem quickly. Representing drive below, last year in October, project again go back to work, go well up to now. Will connect water formally on July 30 ” current project enters ending phase, having the adjustment of the experiment shutting water of reservoir and project, exterior element eliminates influence project evolutional already basically, can connect water on July 30! ” was in yesterday east the lake is street held delegate discuss official business is met on, confidence of controller of Fang Tianjian group says project construction dye-in-the-woodly, national People’s Congress is represented and dwellers show smile on the face. This is to represent the first delegate discuss official business of our city of mobile the middle of a month to meet this year, aim to solve dweller of project solid bestow to use water ” last kilometer ” problem. On the meeting, delegate of National People’s Congress and dweller delegate make a speech in succession, administer with respect to project edge slope, answer green, water quality detects wait for a problem to offer opinion and proposal. Deng Shaoyong of president of pan hill elementary school says, after the project connects water, not only the children of the school can be drunk on high grade water, perplexed the fire control with long already school to also be solved with water issue. “I put down big stone of a mind, thank delegate of National People’s Congress! ” Luo Wenzhi says, delegate of Shenzhen city National People’s Congress uses vivid carry out duty, carry out went to be development concept of the center with people, reflected connection adequately to serve masses, scrupulously and respectfully all be civilian duty good job style. Next, the hope is strengthened about the branch each coordinate as a whole, do good project succeeding activity, make project as scheduled finishing, win the people’s confidence with real work effect, benefit and at civilian.


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