“Award of roc zoology literature ” call for paper contest prize-giving ceremony holds clien深圳桑拿按摩论坛社区t seeing Zhen to carry network of · Shenzhen Pu Dian on December 10 dispatch (Xie Yuting of reporter of exercitation of Li Yang of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) meet zoology when literature, can you happen what kind of ” chemical reaction ” ? On December 10, 2019 the whole na深圳悦来香qm 社区tion ” award of roc zoology literature ” call for paper contest prize-giving ceremony and ” hill Hai Zhumeng, beautiful roc — exploration protection and the way that develop the roc of win-win ” communication of have an informal discussion can be held in roc new developed area,深圳罗湖夜总会 big Ga of more than 30 literature is elegant get together in all word ” zoology literature ” , build character to make suggestions for roc development. Zhou Jian of former undersecretary of ministry of national environmental protection, xu Guixiang of vice-chairman of association of writer of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People’s Po深圳会所推荐litical Consultative Conference, China, huang Zhongwei of vice-chairman of Shenzhen the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, shenzhen municipal Party committee publicizes a standing undersecretary Chen Jinhai, party of new developed area of Shenzhen city roc is versed in appoint clerical Wang Jingdong, li Ruiqi of secretary of leading Party group of couplet of Shenzhen city article, chairman, lin Cao bureau retreats the country to do writer of literature of vice director, zoology n cultivated land Li Qingsong attend an activity. Roc new developed area is Shenzhen ” zoology cornerstone ” , land region area amounts to 295 square kilometer, the forest is enclothed rate amount to 77.7% , 70% what the sort of wildlife holds Shenzhen city, 26% of complete province. Index of zoology environment state is saving the rank in unit of 127 counties class 4 years completely continuously the first. Besides original clean energy industry, prospective new developed area returns plan travel industry, life health industry and marine industry. Result from the good original intention that drives zoology civilization to build, plan of roc new developed area ran the throughout the country ” award of roc zoology literature ” call for paper contest, hope more writer friends can use pen focusing zoology, write nature, call whole society to protect us to bilk the good home with living jointly. Essay ” eagle cereal ” wait for work to win first prize work of 48 bear the palm goes furnace to lift ” zoology literature ” new upsurge as we have learned, to guide extensive literature art worker establishs esteem the natural, concept that complies with natural, protection nature, the creation that holding to green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill is oriented, encourage artists to devote into zoology actively to build a gleam of, experience life, accumulate material, stimulative creation, roll out more article to hold beautiful an excellent work concurrently character. In March 2019, the end of the year held afterwards of roc new developed area 2016 award of first roc literature after, start the 2nd formally ” award of roc zoology literature ” call for paper activity. The 2nd ” award of roc zoology literature ” activity by ” work ” party of new developed area of roc of city of association of writer of city of magazine company, Shenzhen, Shenzhen is versed in appoint, canal appoint can sponsor, put together of roc new developed area is joint undertake, association of writer of new developed area of Shenzhen city roc assist 深圳悦来香论坛do. This second solicit contributinos the message is in net of net of medium of culture of Chinese writer net, people net, China, new another name for Guangdong Province, Guangdong writer net, ” Shenzhen special zone signs up for ” ” Shenzhen business signs up for ” ” brilliant signs up for ” ” Shenzhen evening paper ” after waiting for tens of home media, website to publish, get the wide attention of lover of literature of countrywide each district, received the contribution that comes from the 20 many provinces such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Heibei, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou and writer of municipality directly under the Central Government and literary lover, receive novel, essay in all (blame is dummy) , the work such as poetry more than 6000 (head) . The contest invites the expert learned man with famous bound of our country literature and masterpiece of the writer that visit town to be evaluation committee member. Homage ” open, fair, just ” principle, call for paper selection course is rigorous according to ” the 2nd ” award of roc zoology literature ” call for paper byelaw of decide on awards through discussion ” and ” the 2nd whole nation ” award of roc zoology literature ” call for paper evaluation method ” formulary detailed rules and standard, after fair, fair evaluation, give first prize of novel, essay, poetry finally definitely by grading discretion each 1, second-class award each 2, third class award each 3, outstanding award each 10, choose work of bear the palm in all 48. Have an informal discussion communicates meeting site to caress zoology zoology literature to compose the main co深圳新悦水会小可mponent that is contemporary literature all the time with literary name, also be the new growing point of Chinese literature. Can go up in communic深圳松岗沐足技师招聘直接电话ation of have an informal discussion, honored guests attending the meeting each airs his own views, discuss jointly ” zoology literature ” development trend, the prospective development that is roc new developed area builds character m福田君悦水会价格ake suggestions. “Of zoology need space distributing, also need time accumulate. Repair natural, also cured nature. ” the essay in Li Qingsong ” eagle cereal ” in if having such one Duan Lingren deep province. Serve as this ” award of roc zoology literature ” first prize gainer, li Qingsong expresses, zoology is bearing the weight of the production of people future lives, have good modes of life and relation to their environment, ability has go深圳按摩环保什么服务od future, roc has incomparable natural requirement, should have developed ” blue ” , ” green ” , ” ” 3 advantages, make ” zoology literature ” base. Honorary president Peng Jianming expresses couplet of Hunan Province article, as the深圳 上海spa会所 writer that comes from inland, he was full of feeling to the sea as a child, he thinks ” culture zoology ” very important, zoology not only the water that is cleanness, clean air, return the mark that should include the mankind to live, culture involuntary discharge of urine is put. Hope roc has used his zoology dominant position, make ” zoology literature ” the countrywide surveyor’s pole of base. Zhou Jian thinks, zoology literature creation has a few characteristics, be culture headstream and zoology changes is mutual blending is eternity. Evolve as what zoology watchs, zoology culture advocate arteries and veins progresses ceaselessly; 2 it is the trend with zoology and economy, society, more close together and shirt-sleeve culture already was shown; 3 it is culture of literature of contemporar深圳喜悦水会 玩法y China zoology, zoology evolve into body to reveal more esteem person and natural concern, pay close attention to zoology environment more changes and more 3 trends that aggrandizement zoology and economic society politics contact. In the meantime, zhou Jian gave new developed area to suggested at 3 o’clock on zoology construction: It is to build land space canal to control a system better, let zoology protect red line, resource to use on line be born, the tie restricts government and each respect action, the program develop深圳 伴游s, perfect system arrangement, build lasting effect mechanism, esteem the order of nature, esteem is scientific. 2 it is shirt-sleeve big data, biology, ocean, culture, travel, healthy industry, organic join trend of development of position of core of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and kinetic energy, annals extends far overall arrangement high, advance gradually builds upland of economy of culture of science and technolog深圳罗湖海豚湾会所y, build happiness and benefit of harmonious society the people’s livelihood. 3 it is to rely on hill, sea, forest, the high grade asset such as town, city, bay and humanitarian advantage, make meticulously reflect roc scene, function perfect, characteristic the big bay area that admirable, connotation abounds bright, character is recreational hea深圳按摩指数表lth raise home of travel destination and happy beauty zoology. The growth that hopes to form capital, knowledge, talent, fortune, science and technology to gather together extremely, reflect the powerful vitality that Chinese characteristic socialism sets an example, stimulative the Chinese nation is great revive. In addition, honored guest attending the meeting still waited for a topic to undertake discuss and communicating with respect to culture of environmental protection, zoology and zoology literature. Add: Work of first prize of work of bear the palm 1. Li Qingsong essay ” eagle cereal ” 2. Bi Renmei novel ” white crane beach ” 3. Lu Zishi song ” Chinese parasol letters ” second-class award work 1. Lu Yiting novel ” everythings on earth grows ” 2. Novel of old willow gold ” face water and reside ” 3. Poetry of clean thanking be linked together ” the islands that your person gets drunk ” 4. Poetry of more than hazel ” only the sea knows roc more ” 5. Jinkeba essay ” annulus river ” 6. Plum essay ” impression is agrestic ” work of third class award 1. Novel of Shenyang beautiful beautiful ” old wall base ” 2. Leaf novel ” a river can flow 深圳zj女much further ” 3. Ran Lingxiang novel ” be born dust ” 4. Wang Fang novel ” garden of white rhinoceros grave ” 5. Song of Jiang love poem ” blue air ” 6. Poetry of the flower bud of lily magnolia ” write back to the earth (group poem) ” 7. Sunken Chinese poetry ” Sumatra ” 8. Wang Chengyou essay ” the wind of roc coast ” 9. Gan Liying essay ” the Gu Yun that does not hide, path never-failing is nostalgic ” 10. Zhu Mingming essay ” affection fastens dam light “