Bin Hua of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of education of collect lake area gives ” year teacher ” Wang Shan Shan awards prize. 6 outstanding teachers enter total final. Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Low age is schoolchild carried feed how to do? How doesn’t the child love a speech to do? How to let children unite together? On July 2, collect lake area 2019 nursery school ” year teacher ” choose total final in Luo Hu ministry of junior high school of high middle school is held, take part in the match teachers told about them in the job fresh story. Show through image tone elegant demeanor, free speech, wisdom rejoins and do not have leader forum of 4 link intense than going all out, final, group of evaluation of group of long evaluation of group of course expert evaluation, garden, society, home appoint delegacy spot is chosen, the Wang Shan Shan that comes from comely nursery school shows itself from inside 6 candidate in total final, have the honor to win base of collect lake area to teach ” of teacher of year of ” of systematic nursery school. Shenzhen city teachs hair of aqua fortis of bureau deputy director general, collect lake area teachs secretary of bureau leading Party group to Bin Hua is attended and speak. Shan of Wang Shan of comely nursery school. The 10th nursery school of Shenzhen city Gao Wei. In free speech link, told about from the Shan of Wang Shan of a player that teachs more than 10 years how wisdom solves the child to carry feed a problem, let children oneself start work dish of melon of kind of green melon, the blueness that make, experience working hardships. Eat on the green melon food that oneself make, children express to never had taken so delicious course. She thinks in ceaseless practice disinter of the hair in thinking over comes to educational wisdom. She started project of Shan Shan taletelling in the school, guide protestant division to undertake musical teaching grinds activity, with them one step aside opened the entrance door that music of love education, love, love lives. Before she ever still represented Shenzhen child teacher, raise toward Malaysia religion, development communication, be benefited fine is much. Wang Shan Shan ever obtained Yuan Hengjia of ” ” of outstanding teacher of ” Shenzhen city cup ” king of story of children of taletelling · of rustle of “” of silver-colored award of contest of teacher of first Shenzhen story is outstanding and directive city of Shenzhen of “” of teacher of star of project of music of committee of preschool education major of city of teacher “” Shenzhen. Yao Yanhui of Shenzhen nursery school.
Zhang Yanling of nursery school of teaching and administrative staff of collect lake region. Attended total final that day still have the Gao Wei that comes from the 10th nursery school of Shenzhen city, from teach 27 years, ceng Huo gets Shenzhen town preschool education only appoint the Yao Yanhui that; of title of ” of outstanding instructor of city of meeting ” Shenzhen comes from Shenzhen nursery school, from teach 15 years, obtain the honor such as 51 labor medal of Shenzhen city. And piece of Yan Ling, Shenzhen that comes from nursery school of teaching and administrative staff of collect lake region Tian Jun of the Pang Xiaoyan of nursery school of city bank center, Shenzhen is industrial the He Mengfang of Inc. nursery school 5 teachers, have the honor to win collect lake area 2019 nursery school ” year teacher ” nomination award. Shenzhen city bank Pang Xiaoyan of center nursery school. Shenzhen Tian Jun is industrial He Mengfang of Inc. nursery school. The spot comments on link, aqua regia bristle with anger goes out, the preschool education that has had can have good elementary school education, middle school education, “Year teacher ” wait for the model that chooses to want to drive Luo Hu to teach a stride to stride in future, in the meantime, he also sends word ” year teacher ” 6 players of finals, want to perfect oneself ceaselessly, good luck holds to set out again in new start. Shenzhen city teachs hair of aqua fortis of bureau deputy director general to comment on. Collect lake area teachs Bin Hua of secretary of bureau leading Party group to speak. “The registration of year teacher person selected in the person that be elected finally and our memory is very tall. ” Bin Hua expresses in summary, it is not only ” year teacher ” gainer, its she 5 ” year teacher ” nomination award gainer accords with the everybody anticipation to year teacher likewise, this, it is our memory is medium ” year teacher ” . Look in him, feelings, rational reads aloud, capable, have outstanding achievement, individualizing is ” year teacher ” what place must have is idiosyncratic.


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