Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Huang Liwen of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) on December 4, by French business affairs investment department is initiated and sponsor ” make one’s rounds of French life art is exhibited ” pull open heavy curtain at Shenzhen. 20 many vogue live in a domain to have the history to accumulate the France with culture inheritance top class brand, include adornment of furniture, household, mensal art to wait, assemble in community of originality of Shenzhen Shekou G&G, personage of major of Xiang Zhu triangle presents the marrow of French life art and elegant glamour. On December 4 afternoon, hold the post of France newly to be stationed in China ambassadorial Luo Liang (Laurent BILI) gentleman, zhou Lijun of Guangzhou consul general is stationed in in France (Ms. Siv Leng CHHUOR) , France is stationed in China rich of Fan Di of counselor of investment of head of department of embassy commerce investment, commerce (Thibaut FABRE) the gentleman waits accompany come down to look around to the spot, spread out act cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony for make one’s rounds and attend opening bender and late dinner. Wang Xiaokun of president of originality of fire of wind of field place Shenzhen, chairman of this guild of furniture of Shenzhen of second ADV partner Hou Kep深圳蒲宗桑拿eng, extend law of display plan orgnaization still Matthew of Chinese division general manager (Matthieu Schneider Rochette) , xue Yingjie of general manager of greenbelt trade group divides one of strategic partners not to make a speech, congratulate beforehand an activity to be held successfully, also expressed the strong d深圳按南山小巷子里的鸡摩KB体验报告esire that strengthens Si深圳宝安流塘休闲会所no-French both sides to wait for a respect to cooper罗湖环保场体验报告ate in art of vogue, life at the same time. Between exhibition period of make one’s rounds, sponsorred an unit to be held at the same time a series of thematic activity (lane of forum, job) , the mensal art that discusses the life that how blends in French life art local, rule jointly, if why be savoured with French,make a space wait with character. On December 4 afternoon, “How does French life art blend in district lifestyle ” special subject is shared of the meeting hold the heavy curtain that pulled open series activity satisfactorily, this lecture collected Shenzhen mainland real estate and design force, art of conversational French life and Oriental are resided, give somebody a new lease on life is contemporary ” east affection Xi Yun ” habitat. Shenzhen vogue lives in design week CEO Jacob Vogelsang, french business affairs invests arrange, health of life of Chinese area vogue, medical treatment and beautiful jade of tall beauty of hairdressing department inspector general (begin of M é Lanie GAUDIN) makes a speech, the law still designs Matthew, vogue of Fan Yi of chief inspector of exhibition of kinds of city of Chen Zijun and Eddy YEUNG, Hong Kong is big elder brother Dr. Sha, Shenzhen lives in a design 3 meters of Ana Rio of week originality chief inspector, gentlemen wait to part subsequently brought viv南山刺激点的休闲会所id and interesting share, from the design, culture, decorate the respect such as the concept, discussed the similarities and differences of Sino-French two countries, and how to learn each other, mutual confluence, promote industry innovation thereby. Be in next in two days, still the famous opinion cacique inside more industry is exhibited, the spot shares their elegant and sagacious way of life. On December 5 morning, “The artist that French originality 公明金月亮288技师图片table makes the living ” in exhibit meeting site, hand in hand fauvism spends rich of art division Wang Saiming, cate advocate Liu Kai of instructor of bishop of woman of Wenye LI, drunk goose laughs and Lina MA of stylist of travel mode fashion, discuss mensal art together with everybody, comprehend the marrow that French lives. Subsequently, be in 5 afternoon, “Law? Savour, law? Character, adorn? Beautiful house ” on thematic activity, taste country of France of president of raise international limited company honor merit is held, Wendy SIU of cacique of opinion of art of life of French of Hong Kong area, Shenzhen city sees limited company of heart art culture carries out trustee Du Hualong of general manager of the 3rd space guides Lin Yingxi, the Milky Way everybody appreciate flange on the west peculiar. Additional, system of Luo Gelang intelligence and high-end project sell inscription of chief inspector king, also take the opportunity, reveal the application of system of Luo Gelang intelligence in high-end project for everybody. Current patrol exhibits the G&G originality community at be located in Shekou to hold, this space predecessor is glasswork, face a南山不正规会所bout becomes promotion lifestyle and the provide special lasting appeal alone ground that hold high-end activity nowadays. Office of French commerce investment is special invited exhibit method of company of display plan major to still be each to join card of item on display to measure a body to have something made to order, make the originality space that gives tune of a high end. Make each brand different item on display appears in same space, show respective artistic quality and design sense, but do not break harmony again. Decorate domain France indoors all along famed with its masterly technology and professional knowledge, it is design domain especially high end is costly one of world leaders that design a domain, its individual way of life and the ability that discover prospective trend draw the attention of people continuously. According to France ” forum signs up for ” (La Tribune) data shows, market of French interior decoration is annual turnover uprights at 160 to 24 billion euro between, france is had in the world market of life art and luxury domain rate for 25% . In Chinese market, france most the product of well known basically is high end and luxurious product, beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are the 3 big cities that Chinese estate market flourishs most, resident of big bay area has mighty purchasing power. As the promotion that consumer savours to interior design, they also expand ceaselessly to the demand of high-end product. The brand that th罗湖休闲会所 贴吧e activity enters since life art make one’s rounds exhibits French to enter China oneself has already already provided extremely famous spent brand, also have numerous the inheritance that did not know for Chinese consumer the brand of hundred years. Will tell from another angle, postpone business to French ginseng 罗湖新悦水会现在怎么样了and character, hold in Shenzhen ” make one’s rounds of French life art is exhibited ” it is a superexcellent opportunity, the professional深圳哪些沐足可以口 personage that can let loving France design and masses understand their brand more, raise them at the same time the brand in having the city that expands latent capacity extremely is active degree. Current patrol exhibits the precious rare item on display of the hand that included craftsman of several out France, there is no lack of among them edition of set limit to, it is unique work of art even. Cloth of things of wood of bullion household utensils, china, crystal goods, mensal art, bronze and Tie Yi artwork, lamps and lanterns, furniture, antique, interior decoration, family expenses art the product in will be being exhibited, appear one by one. The much that joins card of item on display obtains France ” enterprise of bequest of EPV vivid culture ” label attestation, this attestation was initiated 2006 深圳休闲会所论坛by French government establish, aim to commend those are had outstanding with professional craft ” France is made ” . Of future of these shirt-sleeve and traditional join ” France is made ” the character that is French life art assures. The couple of LALIQUE France Lai that refers one of cards of item on display exhibits the long-term strategy partner that is in China for this make one’s rounds. Couple of Lai of the · inside the father carry on one’s shoulder of the brand (LALIQUE of é of R é N, 1860-945) be ” new art ” (Art Nouveau) with ” adornment is artistic ” (Art Deco) the design Great Master of period, to continue ” artistic spirit ” , ” craft inheritance ” , do not break new field of innovation research and development, couple of LALIQUE France Lai我就爱桑拿论坛 begins to spread out collaboration with the artist of different domain, stylist and international brand from 2011, through making distinctive copy crystal jointly work reachs series, those who continue to take couple of Lai of the · inside carry on one’s shoulder ” artistic spirit ” reach originality, turn art into the main element that lives for vogue. At this late hour, innovation of couple of LALIQUE France Lai gave 6 old distinctive深圳休闲会所微信大全 series: Headgear of adornment decoration, upholstery and furni深圳会所 1000 档次ture, gem, perfume, artwork and hotel serve.