Net of allusion of cattail of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen on December 12 dispatch (Cao Yuanfang of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen’s reporter / Lai Lifeng Li Jialing pursues / Xiao Junyan) came on December 8, 2019 on December 10, school of phoenix of Shenzhen city bright district greets hertz chapter county to teach bureau of science and technology the group such as handsome director comes Russia of management cen深圳外围女联系方式ter of edu深圳最新大水磨师傅招聘信息cation of countryside of fort of pond of county of lab of education of county of Director Ma Hua, hertz chapter Director Wang Tianen, He Zhang before 11 people begin. On December 9深圳最大水疗会所, colleague of education of county of chapter of Guizhou Provi罗湖环保微信群nce conspicuous saw promising area party early or late group service center and house of scientific city program, more thorough, in the round understanding is bright ” of one mind is two areas, green annulus hover ” pattern of integral space development, already was in the development blue print of the infrastructure of great science and technology that build and future, what experienced the beauty of bright zoology, humanitarian beauty, science and te深圳kb场论坛chnology adequately is beautiful. Homocentric person of the same trade, with frequency in all Yo. On December 10, county of chapter of Guizhou Province conspicuous leads group to walk into phoenix school, walk into 深圳佰纳休闲会所推油classroom, listened to Chinese of art of elementary school maths, elementary school, junior high school to wait for exemple of 7 delibrate class early or late. The education of phoenix school teachers designs union to learn affection and course characteristic severally, reflected ” it is罗湖新悦9999微信号 in order to be born this ” education concept. Interest of learning of the student on classroom is strong, performance is brisk, the accord that won teacher of attend a lecture is admiring. After the class, the way that ask for advic深圳环保按摩几米e of mutual communication, explore learns two ground teachers, delibrate atmosphere is enthusiastic. After delibrate class, promising area appoint education is versed in appoint vice secretary Yan Liang, hua Jianming of phoenix school principal, precious of president assistant king, He Yunmin with He Zhang prefectural education colleague attended jointly ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” thematic education communicates an informal discussion. Promising area was broadcasted to enrol business to publicize above all on the informal discussion piece, promising area teachs conduct propaganda piece prepare to construct with phoenix school propagandist video, the development state that the educational colleague of Ling Hezhang county knew the domain future such as bright economy, education further, those who understood phoenix school prepare to construct course and development program. Then, director Ma Hua is brief the main case that introduced hertz chapter county and He Zhang to teach, he talks: Coordinate this from which by Chinese education society, facilitate ” bright 深圳东门附近推油按摩- He Zhang ” two ground teach a side to help up is a good fortune, a favour, it is an important matter more. Throu深圳磨棒场所gh old be geared to the needs of the job the side is helped up, although the education of hertz chapter county obtained certain result, but still also put in high grade unripe headstream to break rank of serious, teacher not stable, urban and rural difference is big wait for the current situation. He emphasizes, henceforth, he Zhang fluctuates make concerted effort, review the inadequacy of oneself, place the position, decorous state of mind, do good education decide the issue of the battle to take off job of deficient assault fortified positions with all one’s strength. Subsequently, delegate of vice-president of cold the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of the 4th middle school builds hertz chapter county 3 times in all the school makes a speec2019深圳哪些沐足可以口h. The experience that refer communicates this, he is special plaint the school is open, include, the administrative concept that share, the education manner of discretion of modesty of teacher of special deep feeling, rigorous pursue o深圳商务模特预约微信号ne’s studies and student’s active and upbeat study mood. Finally, severe bright deputy director general makes summary sex speech. He emphasizes, the side is helped up is the mutual communication, process that accelerates each other, the teachers of hertz chapter county still stand fast below difficult environment the heart at the beginning of education,深深圳 外围模特 经验圳水源国际水疗会所 stand fast educational dream, your person touchs the educational feelings that their brave carries Yo person mission and admire. He speaks of phoenix school from prepare to construct up to now, hold to the school, teacher, student to develop jointly, wait in respect of development of educational communication, teacher did a lot of exploration, hope phoenix school pays raise of get right on the job, encourage really, to make light teach brand school indefatigable effort. Communication, it is powerful pr深圳锦鸿休闲会所8888oductivity. Expect two ground will pay frequent calls henceforth, rise jointly in mutual communication, walk into the scope of operation with new education hand in hand. This second education education communicates an activity to let two geosciences proofreaded both sides to have more intimate knowledge, teach reform, decide the issue of the battle to took off deficient assault fortified positions to offer for base of hertz chapter county not only help strength, also promoted oneself of two ground teacher to grow professionally greatly, the progress that the school reforms, managerial level and the farther promotion that teach education quality. The band that believes to China teachs a society is helped up, have the support of united front, have the joint efforts of two ground teaching staff, the educational enterprise of light and hertz chapter is met certainly further upward. Phoenix school also will not forget henceforth first heart, remember a mission well, brave carries heavy responsibility, in order to struggle person the travel before attitude encourage, with He Zhang the county does the person pursueing a dream of new era education hand in hand.