Dispatch of network of collect lake home: This year is new China holds water 70 years, to create favorable safe environment, basis ” city lash-up management board sends about the newspaper ” windbreak danger is protected greet birthday in safety ” the announcement of circumstance of special operation job ” (〔 of deep meet an urgent need 2019 〕 155) requirement, on July 5 morning, street organization held lotus pond ” windbreak danger is protected greet birthday in safety ” fire control safety is special the job arouses again again deploy conference, area under administration is concentrated model the enterprise is controller of main controller, safe production of be assigned personal responsibility for, safe administrator of chief inspector, safe production and each community safety work only attended the meeting. The conference does squadron to grow Pu Di to be different from annals deploy by street and public safety above all ” windbreak danger is protected greet birthday in safety ” fire control safety is special the job, special operation cent start for deploy, the organization is carried out, summary checks and accept 3 phase. The action with market market, ” much syncretic ” place, labor is concentrated model enterprise, communal public place of entertainment, group hire building site of building of restaurant of room, hotel, high level, beadhouse, construction to wait for 9 kinds of places to attach most importance to a dot, concentration begins punish to highlighting a hazard 9 kinds below: Violate compasses use combustible can light material to decorate, fire prevention space does not reach the designated position, scattered passageway not free, violate compasses deposit combustible it is dangerous to explode easily article, fire control establishment damages, dynamoelectric bicycle violates compasses park and responsibility of key station staff to be not fulfilled, administrative mechanism is diseased, conduct propaganda grooms not thorough. Do subsidiary military unit corresponding to a company to grow Li Huayang by street and public safety next pond of lotus of like-minded introduction, deploy is street ” safe member build on team and group ” the job. Explain by safe expert finally ” 4 kinds of personnel ” groom assessment job concerns item. After the meeting, it is good that each company controller expresses to be able to be done with all one’s strength special during defending, safety superintends the job, ensure situation of safe production of area under administration is stable hard.


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