Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, food of children of adolescent of collect lake area is safe 2019 popular science plan and countrywide food safety publicize Zhou Yizheng type to start, popular science plan will enclothe Luo Hu this year the area is whole 42 areas are belonged to fair run elementary school, the course of food safety popular science that faces 3 grade student to begin systematization. Starting ceremonial scene, relevant section is 42 fair do elementary school to issue popular science to plan card of project collaboration school, for Shenzhen at the same time 11 popular science such as the 2nd high vestibule school planned to build an unit to give a shop sign in all and award contract to food safety expert. Subsequently, the honored guest starts everybody attending the meeting jointly plan of popular science of safety of food of children of adolescent of area of 2019 collect lakes, also proclaim food safety publicizes Zhou Huo to move formal open. Wen Zhong of deputy warden of collect lake area expresses when the speech, “Popular science plans safety of teenage children food ” it is Luo Hu the innovation act that food safety works and brand activity, future can try to private school, to nursery school, develop to the middle school, stereo type popularizes brand project. Shenzhen city market superintends Li Zhong of member of bureau leading Party group, deputy director general to express, all circles of society of food safety need pays close attention to jointly, participate in, plan of hope popular science can written guarantee a fructification of more Hui Min, in before long can be in whole town in the future be born blossoms, benefit reachs whole town teenage children. As we have learned, since popular science of safety of food of children of adolescent of collect lake area plans to be carried out from 2017, pilot school enlarges 5 from 1, curricular content is ceaseless and perfect, drive a family through the student, promotion is spent to feeding the knowledge that brings popular science knowledge.


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