Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Know capacity to what drugs endangers to enhance community dweller, found avirulent community. On July 4, 2019 afternoon, in careless Bu community was begun on the west with ” boycott drugs enroach on founds restful grass Bu on the west ” the propaganda prohibiting toxin that gives priority to a problem. In the activity, the staff member extends to associate with masses data of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin, introduce the sort of drugs, explain the drug taking, harm sex that peddles poison in detail, admonish broad dweller friend should make friend carefully, do not enter the room with complex public security, want to have alert guard knowledge, raise pair of alluring vigilance, take the attitude that rejects stoutly, do not want credulous crammer, if do not strike up a conversation with stranger easily; Do not accept the cigarette that stranger offers, beverage and provision; Discrepancy public place of entertainment, drink less as far as possible inside offerred drink. Masses stops in succession watch, be full of what interest ground listened attentively to a staff member to explain, learn relevant knowledge seriously, communicate communication each other, spot study atmosphere is grumous. Enhanced a dweller to be on guard to the ego of drugs further through this activity consciousness, raised its to gas defence the ability that fight poison, increased the propagandist strength that bans poison to take community.   


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