Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Classroom revolution of Luo Hu cannot see tree does not see a forest only, we hope to have the guiding of from above to below not only, have the participation of from bottom to top more, the classroom education of olden division designs ability to get cogent promotion. ” the middle and primary school of collect lake area that held yesterday ” classroom revolution ” experimental school work is advanced on the meeting, collect lake area appoint education is versed in appoint Bin Hua of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of education of secretary, area put forward such wishing to the president teachers that be present scene. Fulfil to be carried out deep ” Luo Hu educational reform ” plan, fulfil Luo Hu in the round ” classroom revolution ” , recently, collect lake area taught division courtyard evaluation to decide 29 schools such as middle school of Shenzhen city emerald green garden are collect lake area ” classroom revolution ” experimental school, among them high school 3 place, junior high school 6, always make the school 9 years 2 place, elementary school 18. Bin Hua points out, the president, teacher and student are ” classroom revolution ” ” main body ” , the Luo Hu that the hope gives through be being pushed early or late ” classroom education is designed ” 4 version, realize Cong Mou of a class ” classroom revolution ” the promotion that designs to unit education, set out from the course design of whole book again, return unit and every education design of the class finally, the professional accomplishment of cogent promotion teacher, produce the teacher’s due Yo person value.


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