Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Realize the value that protects an environment to allow reservoir community adolescent and resident further, deepen the protective consciousness of zoology, natural to reservoir community, environment with this, arouse community dweller especially the own responsibility heart that adolescent protects an environment to protecting. By reservoir community Party committee and reservoir community party group the service center is sponsorred, the reservoir community that Shenzhen city considers harmony of be good at family to promote a center to undertake item of small fact of the people’s livelihood looked 2019 – ” childishness travels together, the environmental protection that help strength ” project activity the first activity ” environmental protection lecture – to rubbish declare war ” , on July 6, 2019 in the morning 9:30-11:00 in reservoir community workstation room of 3 buildings activity is held successfully. Activity of environmental protection lecture in all the dweller that recruit attracted community of 40 much reservoir attends. Activity of lecture of this environmental protection, by give a lecture of professional teacher of environmental protection course, with multimedia + the graph article of manual of environmental protection knowledge, rubbish classification manual is interactive classroom mode, the detailed knowledge that shares environmental protection and rubbish classification to community adolescent and dweller and life handle measure mediumly. This second lecture content is rich: Include environmental protection of current situation of macrocosm environmental protection, Shenzhen and rubbish processing to classify the current situation, rubbish game of classification of rubbish of specific classification method, gout is interactive.
Through participating in this lecture, community dweller learns environmental protection and rubbish classification knowledge in the lecture not only, and community dweller is taken an active part in interact to classify game with rubbish to classroom, the knowledge of of all kinds environmental protection that consolidated place learns further. Dwellers express to learn to be obtained somewhat in succession, promoted rubbish to classify the consciousness of the processing that reduce an amount apparently, the activity removed first-rate environmental protection to publicize a meaning. Of this activity hold, the accord that got community participates in a dweller reputably, the dweller states mobile content is rich in succession, mobile link setting is reasonable, raised the environmental protection consciousness of community dweller effectively.


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