Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 2 afternoon, base of collect lake area taught systematic nursery school 2019 ” year teacher ” give heat, this year this area nursery school ” year teacher ” the flower falls Shenzhen city Luo Hu district is comely nursery school, shan of Shan of king of this garden teacher shows itself from inside 6 candidate, it is reported, this also is collect lake area the 3rd nursery school ” year teacher ” . Shan of Shan of king of teacher of comely nursery school 2017, collect lake area takes the lead in bringing into nursery school in year teacher selection system in whole town, the selection that adopts high level strict requirement since begin is regular. This year, selection regulation as before, 6 candidate are passed ” image tone elegant demeanor is shown ” ” free speech ” ” wisdom rejoins ” and ” without leader forum ” 4 link undertake the spot reveal. Pass nearly 3 hours than going all out, final, come from area of Shenzhen city collect lake Wang Shan Mr. Shan of comely nursery school has the honor to win Luo Hu area 2019 nursery school ” year teacher ” title, the 10th nursery school of Yao Yanhui of teacher of Shenzhen nursery school, Shenzhen city city of pedagogic tall Wei, Shenzhen bank Tian Jun of Zhang Yanling of teacher of nursery school of teaching and administrative staff of Luo Hu district of city of Pang Xiaoyan of teacher of center nursery school, Shenzhen, Shenzhen.


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