Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday, nursery school of system of education of base of Luo Hu district of 2019 Shenzhen city ” year teacher ” choose total final to hold. 6 child teachers that show itself from inside 22 fine athletes are surpassed first appearance speech, tell about from teach story and education the concept. Rejoin through the spot, ” without leader forum ” than going all out, final, group of long evaluation of expert evaluation group, garden, social evaluation group, home appoint delegacy spot is voting, the Wang Shan Shan that comes from comely nursery school is obtained judge base of Luo Hu area to teach teacher of year of systematic nursery school. City teachs hair of aqua fortis of bureau deputy director general, bureau of education of collect lake area teachs class appoint clerical Bin Hua attend. It is reported, wang Shan Shan from teach 10 years, ever obtained ” Shenzhen city outstanding teacher ” , ” Yuan Hengjia cup ” silver-colored award of contest of teacher of first Shenzhen story, ” rustle taletelling king of · children story is outstanding and directive teacher ” ” teacher of star of project of music of committee of Shenzhen city preschool education major ” ” Shenzhen. She thinks in ceaseless practice disinter of the hair in thinking over comes to educational wisdom, she started project of Shan Shan taletelling in the school, guide protestant division to undertake musical teaching grinds at the same time activity. Before she ever still represented Shenzhen child teacher, raise toward Malaysia religion.


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