Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Affectionate and vocal, have an echo surely, on July 2 afternoon, pond of collect lake lotus is street roc begin community Party committee, roc allow community party group service center, roc promoted association of community old people to be begun jointly ” sing birthday of Gong Geqing party ” activity, singing was communicated roc start a person ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” determination. The activity begins, roc promote Luo Shu of secretary of community Party committee to write down a speech to express, during duration new China establishs reforming and opening of 70 anniversary, Shenzhen 40 years, we roc promote a person not to forget first heart, sing noisy red song to celebrate party birthday, the good convention of the Chinese Communist, carry forward gules gene ceaselessly inheritance goes down. The spot applauds to the echo, enthusiastic and insurgent. Subsequently, roc promote old assist leading group ” our Communist is just like a seed ” the intense blaze blaze that the dot removed Gong Ge, roc promote old people to come on stage in succession performance, the assembly room boils one piece. Subsequently, ” socialism is good ” too extremely covey loud singing, gao Ge can’ts help one case below the stage; Of soft force team ” sing a folk song to listen to the party ” , express feeling full; ” do not have new China without the Communist Party ” the situation that called the adoration to the party, happy life does not forget first heart; Of waist drum team ” sing a folk song to listen to the party ” , of square dance band ” target practice returns ” , turn assembly room mood to highest tide, song billow red wave, one billow pushs one billow, billow billow gives new prize. Finally, old people is choral ” Chinese back ” sing the Chinese does not forget first heart, remember the determination of the mission well. The spot why the aunt says, everybody dresses up anew today, senile friends wear red jacket, arranged hairstyle meticulously, appear spirit shakes number, handsome, beautiful beautiful young, express the true love to the Chinese Communist with singing. This ” sing birthday of Gong Geqing party ” activity, let community old people happily gather under the same roof not only, more significant is, strengthen cohesive affinity from red song of birthday of party of this one Qu Qing, develop inheritance red drive, do not forget first heart, remember a mission well, the reforming and opening that experiences Shenzhen sets out again.


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