Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Last a period of time 6 years, area of Shenzhen collect lake is faced with ” east lake water is tired ” difficult problem is able to defeat solution eventually, nearly 30 thousand dwellers are drunk ” be at ease water ” , the desire that drinks par water is about to come true. The Shenzhen city that the reporter holds in Luo Hu from July 2 2019 ” month of activity of delegate of National People’s Congress ” first discuss official business is met — ” advance perfect east lake piece discuss official business of delegate of project of municipal water supply meets the area ” on know, up to this year in June, east lake piece the project of project main body such as area perch reservoir is whole already construction ends, will connect water at coming true on July 30. Luo Li of Luo Wenzhi of director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, standing vice director attended discuss official business to meet. The reporter understands, as a result of historical reason, 10 come for years, collect lake area east the lake is street second line the many dwellers village of a land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another area (hill lake house, green mirror mountain villa of heart of hill of house, pan, cloth to wait) municipal water supply fails to arrive directly, the life that place of nearly 30 thousand dwellers uses uses water to be able to use pressurization pump 2 times temporarily by each enterprise only or 3 times pressurization furnishs, not only water quality, hydraulic difference, water cost is high also, give an area resident daily life bring very big inconvenience. For scanty solution the dweller uses water difficult issue, begin from 2012, delegate of National People’s Congress of province of our city part, city, area dogs continuously drive east lake piece construction of project of area water supply. During National People’s Congress of collect lake area was met 2013, national People’s Congress of collect lake area puts forward on behalf of Chen Zhifang about ” east lake water is tired ” proposal proposal, standing committee of National People’s Congress of collect lake area makes this proposal proposal sponsor by bureau of area water Wu. Autumn of of the same age, group of town water Wu begins to be in construction of Dong Xiaobei road is municipal tubal net. However the thing is not plain sailing, the project drives property right of bequeath of history of the Ceng Yin in the process unsharpness, project uses the objective ingredient such as the ground for many times suffocate suffocate, around experienced shutdown 5 times in all. From National People’s Congress the delegate is received visit on-the-spot survey, arrive from proposal proposal ask politics meeting, from sign and issue a delegate to contact case to arrive for many times the spot is harmonious meeting… after this, through the effort that representing are as long as 6 years, drive the materiality of this project to solve eventually, “Lake water is stranded east ” difficult problem is defeated to solve eventually, east lake ” land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another ” the dweller is about to drink on ” be at ease water ” . “Reservoir has been built, can you make sure every village can use safe water, high grade water on time? How to do good water quality to monitor the work? ” discuss official business is met on, delegate of city National People’s Congress and dweller delegate make a speech in succession, the operation management of odd to the project job offerred opinion proposal. According to concerning the response of function branch chief, future will perfect project succeeding activity from a few respects: According to exalted reservoir working progress schedule pushs a project in order, ensure dweller of golden lake community knows the time of water and quality; After water Wu project ends, ahead of schedule fair show the plan that reinstates afforest, assure answer green time and effect; The safety administration that begins very exalted cistern works, prevent to produce safe accident; Pan hill elementary school and the fire control that clean out golden hill nursery school use water project, concern construction of sectional pool efforts by city, area, had done between join the job.


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