Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 28 8 when 45 minutes, collect lake area appoint clerical He Haitao in the area appoint big Tang Langsheng announces, with ” decisive battle takes off deficient assault fortified positions, the countryside that help strength is revitalized ” the Luo Hu area for the theme 2019 ” Guangdong helps deficient aid up to strand day ” the activity is started. Right now, far in the Guangxi of revolutionary old quarter besides a thousand li 100 kinds, the speak or sing alternately that by warden Luo Yode leads helps Fu Longlin, Xi Lin the group of two counties enters laurel already was the 3rd day. Be full of deep feeling to devote into deficient assault fortified positions from June 26 before dawn 4 when set out go to Guangxi, in 3 days when return Shenzhen to 28 days of evening, group of collect Yo heart without a stop, go to Long Lin, Xi Lin early or late two counties inspect study. In Long Lin, luo Yode inspected a city all right Xiyide helps deficient up to remove find a place for the dot supports project of elementary school of nursery school of deficient workshop, Luo Hu, Luo Hu; Go to De E to press down 3 strong villages to inspect travel of collect of cloud of base of 3 strong tea, dawn to help deficient demonstrative collect up to build a project, condolatory two poverty door; Lake of call together Caire – ministry of grand forest thing supports joint conference of deficient club party card. In Xi Lin, toward Xi Lin prefectural people hospital attends side of hospital of people of collect lake division to help the member that synergic unit uncovers a shop sign and see medical team of condolatory Luo Hu up before group of collect Yo heart; Go to the 8 dam that amount to a town to do a village to make an on-the-spot investigation to apian breed aquatics takes off deficient project and express sympathy and solicitude for two poverty door; Go to village of the 8 color of loess that amount to a town to inspect Guangxi Xi Lin, Yunnan project of garden of industry of An Nasheng state, and center of memory of cloud of garden of electric business industry, big data builds a project, inspected Xi Lin county on the west project of project of new developed area; Head for survey of elementary school of experiment of Luo Hu of Xi Lin county to attend the ceremony that uncover a shop sign; Lake of call together Caire, Lin Dongxi ministry supports joint conference of deficient club party card on the west. In March 2018, luo Hu, side of Long Lin finance helps capital up to donate ceremonial spot. Visit, government of district of smooth delegate of left gold of deputy warden of collect lake area donates beneficent love fund to two counties respectively each 3 million yuan. Shenzhen farming strides limited company of business affairs of the world electron, Hai Jixing Hua Yuguo tastes wholesale travel to concerned an unit to sign sanded candy orange to purchase an agreement with Xi Lin county respectively; Shenzhen company of estate of 9 dragon camellia signs joint-stock company of 8 horses tea and Xi Lin county tea purchases an agreement; 10 thousand countries are collected supply catenary to develop company and bureau of business affairs of Xi Lin county to sign butt joint of produce and sale to support deficient framework agreement. Luo Yode helps deficient club party card up in two counties express on joint meeting, collect lake area appoint the important directive that the decision-making deploy that district government wants to carry out the Party Central Committee in the round and Xi Jinping’s secretary-general help deficient up to assist about thing ministry, fulfil Li Xi of secretary of good provincial Party committee to put forward ” hold to a problem to direct, hold crucial key, finish good job with tough measure, bite off hard bone ” requirement, taking mission, belt to wear responsibility, belt is worn feeling, put impoverished area, poor masses on the heart, help deficient up really, help true deficient up, with masses of two counties cadre together, solid dozen good, dozen win this essence to take off battle of deficient assault fortified positions definitely. Luo Yode expresses at the same time, do side of good be geared to the needs of the job to help up, hit good essence of life to take off battle of deficient assault fortified positions definitely, in must reflecting the with masses public praise on the material benefit that gains in masses. Whether as scheduled, protect the qualitative, ground that maintain a volume to finish the job, each job that the key wants to see the hand that help deficient up whether fall to real point. Luo Hu’s side helps the job up to must reflect quality of Shenzhen standard, Shenzhen, in fulfilling the requirement of high quality, high level to the side to help cadre routine up, in fulfilling a side to support a project, make thing ministry help deficient cooperation up hard ” Luo Hu brand ” . He wishs heartily special zone old quarter hand in hand, approach comparatively well-off road together, build Chinese dream in all. 3 years essence of life allows a side to help the arrangement that hands over satisfactory exam paper to begin thing ministry to help deficient cooperation up according to province city up, collect lake area begins side of speak or sing alternately to help the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region up from 2016 county of autonomous county of Long Lin every nationality of 100 kinds of city, Xi Lin. Come 3 years, collect lake area is serious according to ” essence of life helps deficient, essence up to take off deficient definitely definitely ” deploy, the constituent leader that supports deficient cooperation to assess method to decide around thing ministry closely, talent is assisted, cooperation of collaboration of capital support, industry, service and go straight towards well-off hand in hand the working requirement of 6 respects, help strength two counties take off deficient assault fortified positions to obtain apparent effect: Occurence rate of poverty of autonomous county of grand forest every nationality by at the beginning of 2016 23.57% drop 8.41% to the end of 2018; Xi Lin county 2018 the bottom passes check of nucleus of municipal class across smoothly to achieve take off deficient standard beforehand, official written reply to a subordinate body agreed with government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on April 24 this year Xi Lin county takes off deficient to pick a cap. Luo Hu helps Fu Longlin, Xi Lin the effect of two counties, for Guangdong speak or sing alternately the side helps Guangxi job up to continue to hold a title national thing ministry helps deficient cooperation up to assessed the first master to give positive contribution. Since thing ministry helps deficient cooperation up to begin, main leader heads collect lake division every year the team goes to Long Lin, Xi Lin butt joint of two counties survey, hold joint meeting of two ground party card, advance priority discipline construction, harmonious solve relevant problem. Two ground speak or sing alternately does (the club that help deficient up does) implement ranking deploy and joint meeting spirit seriously, weave year job plans, coordinate two ground as a whole each force, form resultant force of deficient assault fortified positions. On March 26, 2018 – 28 days, collect lake area appoint clerical He Haitao leads a team to go to Guangxi Xi Lin, Long Lin two counties inspect thing ministry to help deficient cooperation up, held party card joint meeting respectively in two counties, carry help deficient up to be built in all, essence of life grooms definitely, industrial development gives aid to project of 3 cooperation that help deficient up parted to sign 9 cooperation agreement formally about the unit with Xi Lin, Long Lin. He Haitao made deploy ask to advancing next cooperation that help deficient up. At the beginning of 2017, select of collect lake area is in class cadre 2 times to hang members of standing committee of office county Party committee, subprefect to two counties respectively, area appoint constituent ministry, all battle ministry is two counties to begin party card cadre to groom respectively, civilian battalion entrepreneur grooms, ou Weijian bureau, education bureau begins professional communication to groom for two ground, group of collect lake hospital relies on own research and development ” Luo Huyun medical treatment ” platform, build system of long-range diagnosis and treatment for two counties, make masses of two counties poverty sufficient do not give a county can convenient the expert diagnosis and treatment that enjoys Luo Hu, Shenzhen and even whole nation serves. The collect lake cure that is famous in the whole nation changes experience to also blossomming and bear fruit in two counties, on June 27, public hospital group uncovers Xi Lin county formally card. Come 3 years, accumulative total of two class finance is area of Shenzhen city, collect lake side of two counties arrangement helps Long Lin, Xi Lin up capital 196 million yuan. Finance of collect lake area gave Long Lin, Xi Lin two counties 2017 each arrange 3 million yuan, use at carrying out high mountain of heart of grand forest county to press down Ren Tunxin country of 3 strong dawn to set an example bit of construction, person billow countryside nest village is planted bacterium of the 8 edible that amount to a town cultivates mulberry sericiculture and Xi Lin county, copy of iron sheet the stem of noble dendrobium is feral cultivate project and poverty. Area finance gave Long Lin, Xi Lin two counties 2018 each arrangement side supports fund 5 million yuan, xi Lin county is used at carrying out bacterium of apian breed aquatics, edible to cultivate, buy 4 items such as high grade orchard, tea garden; Grand forest county is used at construction of garden of black pig industry. Bureau of resource of manpower of collect lake area advances the service cooperation with two counties actively, found ” obtain employment side helps Luo Bai up ” date of small letter public, push every week send at least 10 () information of newest invite applications for a job, 200 post; Hold every year large ” side of obtain employment of · of cooperation of laurel of another name for Guangdong Province is helped up ” special performance invite applications for a job is met; In deep Wu for two counties work staff is founded ” the home that Wu of Shenzhen Long Lin, Xi Lin is versed in personnel serves the window ” , condense country situation. According to ” villages and towns – street, countryside – community ” the knot helps a mechanism up to the side, collect lake area under administration cent of 10 10 street, community not with Long Lin, Xi Lin 10 10 impoverished villages and towns of two counties, impoverished villages finish a knot to help an autograph up to make an appointment with to the side, expedite go straight towards well-off hand in hand ” last kilometer ” . On June 27 afternoon, public hospital group and side of hospital of people of collect lake division help Xi Lin county synergic unit exposes card ceremony spot. The industry supports deficient scope of operation knot of wide Luo Hu helps Long Lin, Xi Lin up to the side two counties, hold to ” blood transfusion hematopoiesis is synchronous, the Fu Zhi that help deficient up pays equal attention to ” , outstanding ” consumption helps deficient, industry up to be built in all, place is carried out, the market is extended ” principle, combinative place is actual, it is core with produce, with the brand construction is grasper, it is ligament with bibcock enterprise, production of help place get through, current, consumption each link pain spot, difficulty and block a dot up, then compose establishs stable hematopoiesis mechanism, take off deficient definitely in essence of life positive result was obtained in assault fortified positions. Aggrandizement policy guides, promote business investment. Industry of collect lake region gives aid to door of policy technical secondary school increases special provision, guangxi two counties bring into Long Lin, Xi Lin give aid to limits, guide enterprise of area under administration to go to place to investment starts line of business and give award; Assist Long Lin, Xi Lin to publish laurel of another name for Guangdong Province to support policy of deficient cooperation privilege, enhance Luo Hu and even Shenzhen enterprise to reach place further settle appeal. Start chamber of commerce, institute, company of travel of treatment of current, produce, culture goes to constituent trade two counties make an on-the-spot investigation for many times, wait for a variety of formal communication butt joints through enrolling business investment to recommend survey of meeting, industry, facilitate Xianggu mushroom of green beautiful source, medium the project of a batch of industries such as high grade tea-oil tree is in couplet world science and technology two counties be born. Aggrandizement brand is built, perfect industrial chain. Pay attention to play place advantage, shenzhen standard, quality, brand, credit ” quaternity ” construction concept is perforative deficient coordination whole process is supported in thing ministry, rely on force of association of industry of agricultural industrialization bibcock and major of relevant bibcock enterprise, elevate two counties consciousness of brand of experience farming enterprise, farmer, quality awareness and standard consciousness, promotion agriculture business and organization of rural economics collaboration develop a standard, help place is accelerated make standardization garden, the place that help strength builds the produce of excellent stability to produce base, change construction to offer for local produce brand prop up. Xi Lin county started national geography to indicate the product protects demonstrative area to found the job in September 2016, obtained a country to pledge give an official of inspect total bureau agrees to found 2017, at present entire county already had 35 companies (cooperation) obtain batch of use geography to indicate the product is special mark, make the area brand that gives a batch to cry noisily, grand forest Chinese chestnut, xi Lin is obtained ginger of saccharic orange, sheldrake, fire early or late ” product of national geography mark ” title. Butt joint of aggrandizement produce and sale, demand drawing is consumed. Aim at two counties fluid of modern other people is short board, supply chain to be a key with get through produce, exert oneself develops collect lake trade the advantage that current job developeds, butt joint of aggrandizement produce and sale, expedite consumption channel, help Long Lin, Xi Lin high grade produce walks out of two counties ” 100 thousand big hill ” , form produce ” from field to table ” entire chain linkage. Urge area under administration various mechanism, enterprise or business system of unit, labor is first below coequal condition purchase Long Lin, Xi Lin two ground are high grade produce. Rely on sea of limited company of numerous food of couplet of company of Home Hua Runmo, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Ji Xing farming is approved wait for large and wholesale retail platform to extend local characteristic product energetically, because traffic is disadvantageous,solve a farmer, lack it is technology, difficult to wait without stable sale channel, only end started 2018 ” deficient of Gui Fu of another name for Guangdong Province — Long Lin’s black goat walks into 10 thousand supermarkets ” the action can realize a month to sell the forehead to be controlled 1.3 million yuan. Support Shenzhen dot plans a network, farming stride the electric merchant firm such as the world, central large kitchen to carry out ” Internet + ” contemporary agriculture acts, place with order agriculture mode high grade produce introduces Shenzhen and even countrywide market, at present accumulative total sale exceeds 30 million yuan, immediate benefit and impoverished population make an appointment with 1600 more than person.


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