Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The emergency treatment ability that to raise silver-colored lake community justice is versed in, the emergency treatment knowledge that when facing sudden emergency, masters with oneself endeavors to help beside person, produce justice class action better. On July 2, in river of collect lake clear water the leader of Party committee of community of street silver lake falls, party of community of silver-colored lake of company of service of project of square company of Shenzhen city thing group the service center invites happy health hospital Doctor Guo is clear water river the justice labour of community of street silver lake people undertake heart lungs anabiosises relieve a sick or injured person grooms, in all recruit labour of the 20 name inside community comes round to learn. Groom beginning, doctor Guo is justice labour people explained basic knowledge simply, body of shut up nose Fu should cover to escape with wet towel when producing fire for instance, feeling avian or domestic animals hind should wash his hands in time prevent flu to wait. In addition, still explained personnel to produce the method of relieve a sick or injured person of postaccident getting an electric shock mainly: Once discover somebody gets an electric shock, apply dry wooden club or other dielectric to aid its to break away from power source quickly, undertake to its heart lungs anabiosises next. Doctor Guo undertook heart lungs anabiosises technically demonstrate, in handling practice process, its undertake Doctor Guo not tire of irritatedly explain and be corrected, make justice labour people mastered method of accurate relieve a sick or injured person basically in be carried out by the side of edge attend a lecture. Groom through this, justice labour people acquired knowledge of basic relieve a sick or injured person and general knowledge, the skill of basic technical ability that safety saves oneself to be saved with each other was carried out in the spot. Justice labour people express in succession, through grooming, knew life prep above everything, it is when oneself when trouble spot, reach a pair of hands, with respect to a movement, it is humanitarian, it is consecratory, let everybody use his scanty power, use the heart of a humanitarian, for beside each person builds the bridge that has a life.


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