Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “The condition with static element — canvas work exhibits Pan Yingrong ” exhibit in Shenzhen art gallery at rising on July 4. This the exhibition exhibited the high-quality goods of female artist Pan Yingrong, the audience can pass this exhibition, experience the quiet beautiful style of her the wording and purpose of what one writes. Pan reflects Chengdu work ” wood square ” (cloth cover canvas) . Pan Yingrong was born in Guangdong settleclear sea 1983, from Guangdong major of pedagogic courtyard canvas graduated 2006, obtain bachelor’s degree of literature of Guangzhou academy of fine arts. Went to canvas of Guangzhou academy of fine arts to tie take a refresher course of class of graduate student course 2011, reside Shenzhen now. Work picture of Pan Yingrong is concise and pure, pure and fresh and refined, without bad habit feeling. No matter her work is still life or scenery, form a relation to be paid attention to quite, bolder even. In the contrast of color composition and disparate arrangement of ideas, show a kind of artistic static beauty gracefully, the mood of an easy indifferent to fame or benefit, the audience can experience the gas charm of female pure Jing Roumei. It is reported, this the exhibition will be exhibited to on July 14.


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