Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Stick knowledge of fitness of preserve one’s health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to let community dweller understand the three ten-day periods of the hot season, on July 2, the thing just is stationed in party of community of clear water river group the company project of the service center combines service center of fitness of community of company red hillock, in clear water river community of river of street clear water is begun ” love you with respect to press close to you ” lane of job of public welfare of health of three fit perfectly, professor dweller spot learns fact of treatment of basics of three fit perfectly to hold a method, achieve treat a disease, the effect that prevents disease, let more dweller treasure life to pay close attention to health of body and mind. In the activity, company health Doctor Chen Rong parts with ” wintry ill Xia Zhi ” specific disease, ” three fit perfectly ” acupuncture point sticks apply and correct application method to be a problem, have healthy knowledge popular science, let dwellers understand ” wintry ill summer is treated ” concept, “Three fit perfectly ” applicable disease and ” the three ten-day periods of the hot season is stuck ” accurate operation method. Doctor Chen explains meticulously seriously, kind and practical citing, the enthusiastic applause that won attendant dweller and consistent reputably. In addition, doctor Chen still is everybody the spot undertakes spot ask examine, according to the body state of every dweller, individuation chooses acupuncture point, heightened the curative effect of fit perfectly greatly. Although weather is torrid, come round to attend dweller enthusiasm of the activity to be not decreased, edge study undertakes by the side of personal knowledge ” wintry ill summer is treated ” the cure of three fit perfectly, everybody is profuse in praise, thanks in succession company project develops so significant activity.


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