Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 1 that day, bamboo shoot post appears below banyan of community of hillock of street bamboo shoot a batch of people that wear red justice labour to take, they are sung ” I and my motherland ” , attract a dweller to stop in succession. Introduce according to relevant controller, this is community justice labour people those who combine a party to propose a plan is fast show an activity, the hope attracts more kid to join community of bamboo shoot hillock justice work big family. Chen Lan of Shenzhen city party representative, bamboo shoot hillock is street the party is versed in appoint Yang Bing of the first secretary attended community of hillock of vice director, bamboo shoot to show an activity quickly this. As we have learned, 2019 community consensus is met on, wang Fang of secretary of community Party committee puts forward, if the dweller has demand, OK and initiative organization 20 people, come community applies for to begin a service, party committee gives person, money, content support. Did not begin the resident of mobile ability, community can be fostered, aim to breed justice worker key member to be built for the party make construction, the talent that education comes out is OK fumble in practice grow, form finally understand the organism that community of actual, beautiful fish develops community most.


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