Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, collect lake area appoint Luo Yode of clerical He Haitao, warden takes a team to head for Huang Bei respectively lotus pond is street, street the member that visit condolatory Laodang. Party representative of leader of team of quadruplet of collect lake area, borough also is united in wedlock to be being begun in succession ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” thematic education, hang bit of street community deep, visit condolatory and difficult Party member and old Party member, understand their thought trends and life situation, listen to an opinion to build make peace to concern appeal to beg, specific aim ground helps them solve real problem. In Luo Hu the area fizzles out shellfish is street and luxuriant east village, in home of prosperous of sword of bell of the member that He Haitao walked into Laodang, enquire the body of the old person and life circumstance in detail, lao had the daily life of a family. See parent body hale and hearty, spirit is hale and hearty, he Haitao feels very glad. Yan Zhongde of old Party member suffers from apoplectic, action inconvenience, its wife also is a Party member, contract severe eye disease. In home of Yan Zhongde’s couple, the body rehabilitation circumstance that He Haitao enquired Fu of severe an old fellow like me in detail, family has what difficulty to wait, when know fathers to still often have audition obstacle, he Haitao plays the hand of an old person designedly, move one’s ear close to exhorts the old person must live sturdily belief, be brave in to face difficulty. Luo Yode took a team to walk into lotus pond street in the home of front courtyard of Zhoujin of old Party member of 64 years of party standing, it is Zhou Laoyi old expression of 83 years old to fly upwards. “Now the body how? See your psychosis very good, vigor as before, still hitting at ordinary times too extremely hold to motion? ” in Home Zhou Jinting, luo Yode and old person in all word the daily life of a family, understand the domesticity situation of the old person in detail. Zhou Rensheng is lotus pond native, joined a Chinese Communist 1969, already had 50 years of party standing, ever held the position of Ji Liantang of secretary of mayor of former lotus pond, branch president of industrial joint-stock company. Wait for a person to Luo Yode call in, zhou Rensheng expresses excitedly: “This year is found a party 98 years, the construction that I participated in Luo Hu 40 years develops, witnessed 40 years to come to Shenzhen the change of world-shaking, special acknowledgment is organized all the time since the care to old Party member, next I meet the time more sturdy confidence, hopeful life. Next I meet the time more sturdy confidence, hopeful life..


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