Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Force-feed duck type, see tree disappears only forest, feel accordingly… similar mode of such education of extensive type classroom is in Shenzhen city Luo Hu area is in by slam the door, arrive from the concept the action. Send force rear in its, the Luo Hu that the participation of the guiding that is from above to below and from bottom to top combines ” classroom revolution ” . 2019, “Collect lake educational reform ” enter a new era, also enter core to stand for war, namely the reform of Yo person mode, “Classroom revolution ” the core that is reform of Yo person mode. To make collect lake division appoint, district government puts forward ” high-quality goods is taught ” , nod in order to promote all pedagogic major ability and accomplishment for stay, courtyard of division of Luo Hu teaching decided to in including Dong Xiao elementary school, Wenjin, learn through choosing, ministry of high school of school of Luo Hu foreign language inside 29 ” classroom revolution ” experimental school, meet at holding the job to advance a few days ago, school of experiment of clear second half of the year is advanced ” classroom revolution ” the key works, put forward ” bureau progress classroom ” listen to normal class, undertake classroom education is commented on will become normal state. 2018 collect lake area ” teach affection to learn affection ” in old survey, collect lake area teachs division courtyard discovery, education of classroom of collect lake middle and primary school returns existence education target to make clear means of specific, education not quite ability of design of education of relatively onefold, teacher remains to rise, mechanism of education evaluation system remains to perfect wait for a problem. Accordingly, increase Luo Hu ” classroom revolution ” advance step, establish middle and primary school of collect lake area ” classroom revolution ” experimental school is imperative. Office of government of people of collect lake division 252 article print and distribute ” Luo Hu area is fulfilled in the round ” classroom revolution ” directive opinion ” , among them a main goal, it is to arrive to was bred 2020 have in home set an example 10 Luo Hu that lead action ” classroom revolution ” demonstrative school. Act on ” declare of one’s own accord, collective appraise sth through discussion, can decide too ” program, collect lake establish enclothe small, first, learn 3 high paragraph 29 ” classroom revolution ” experimental school. Grasp hold ” design education to learn ” core concept, luo Hu ” classroom revolution ” establish ” it is in order to be born this, teach with learning to stand, education resonance, teaching benefits teachers as well as students ” 4 basic principles, exert oneself establishs classroom education new pattern at compose, stimulative student learns to learn. The middle and primary school of collect lake area that held recently ” classroom revolution ” experimental school work is advanced on the meeting, luo Hu is Shang Wenqin of president of Dong Xiao elementary school, advanced peaceful remove from office of president of department of high school of school of foreign language of Li Chunsheng of president of department of junior high school of river of middle school bank, collect lake is shared respectively. Among them, dong Xiao elementary school around ” doubt, explore, exhibit, be used to, experienced ” mode of education of efficient classroom of 5 element exploration, establish the concept leads, fan out from point to area, comprehensive push, form mode ” 4 paces go ” politic. Luo Hu is advanced the Composite education that ministry of junior high school of river of middle school bank began Internet support to fall explores practice. Ministry of high school of school of Luo Hu foreign language thinks from beginning to end, the teacher is ” classroom revolution ” crucial, it is core in order to provide personalized education, should proofread Gao Sanxue to be born execute anthology division take a place, executive individual character coachs, in Gao Yihe second year in high school is carried out ” Internet + learns this classroom ” , open at the same time run a school, custom-built to partial student executive education. On the meeting that day, luo Hu teachs division courtyard Dr. Li Fugui to be foreword with time node, made clear second half of the year ” classroom revolution ” the key of experimental school works, include to develop Luo Hu among them ” classroom revolution ” plan of 3 years of actions, establish research community, development to evaluate a standard, begin ” one division actors or actress class ” 2. 0 edition experiment, optimize structural flow, reveal an experiment achievement and develop special activity. In special activity, “Bureau progress classroom ” the activity begins normalization, collect lake area teachs a director to will enter attend a lecture of experimental subject classroom randomly, undertake classroom education comment on. “Because the range of understanding and point of view are different, everybody is different also to the understanding of classroom revolution. ” collect lake area teachs class appoint Bin Hua of secretary of secretary, educational bureau leading Party group expresses. From at the beginning, bureau of education of collect lake area is clear ” classroom revolution ” must return classroom, carry out certainly ” classroom revolution ” 3 main body. Among them, the president is the first main body, in this process, the president should think, should go doing, it is to drive the compose of mode of classroom Yo person to build. The 2nd executive main body is a teacher, in Luo Hu ” classroom revolution ” in, the teacher wants the platform of school of have the aid of and offer condition, go compose builds those who belong to his, have an experience, have self-identity, have experience, inside change the classroom education pattern at the heart. The 3rd executive main body is a student. Look in Bin Hua, student since ” classroom revolution ” the person that be benefited, also should be ” classroom revolution ” participator, be in ” classroom revolution ” in, the student should realize the innovation that learns way. On the meeting, bin Hua emphasizes Luo Hu is built in compose and be being advanced again ” classroom revolution ” medium strategy and train of thought, it is firstly design ability in order to promote education of all pedagogic promotion classroom to be a breakthrough, this also is Luo Hu is carried out ” classroom revolution ” original intention. It is to pass secondly ” one division actors or actress class, one class a division ” the propulsion of working mechanism, the classroom education that promotes a teacher designs ability. It is reported, public service platform referred the national education natural resources that teacher of collect lake middle and primary school sponsors to Ministry of Education ” actor class ” 394 (hold whole town 82. 8 % ) , obtain among them review lesson of actor of stage of ministry of Ministry of Education of honorary title have 4 (occupy 80 % of whole town) , Guangdong saves provincial actor tax have 21 (occupy 100 % of whole town) , be in whole town the be among the best of candidates in each area. This is since 2018, collect lake whole area arouses, drive actively ” classroom revolution ” , advance in school of middle and primary school ” one division actors or actress class, one class a division ” activity, positive result of taking plentiful and substantial. On the foundation last year, this year collect lake area ” one division actors or actress class, one class a division ” selection activity is entered 2. 0 version, namely by have ” basic form ” guide and ” change type ” the designs to unit education from classroom education design phase of the operation. To 3 2020. 0 version, bin Hua expects, have him teacher ” teacher and student is elementary type ” of the operation design unit education from whole book education the design, phase that designs to classroom education again. 4 2021. 0 version have mature classroom education mode to operate design design of design of whole book education, unit education from course course system, the phase that designs to classroom education again. “Any classes change to cannot isolate the ground undertakes, need the platform of a whole area, want to have mechanism of a job, let participate in incoming teacher successful feeling and attributive feeling, the teacher that lets was not participated in has consult example, only such, ‘ classroom revolution ‘ just be a forest, is not one an isolated tree. ” Bin Hua expresses, of Luo Hu ” classroom revolution ” the guiding of since from above to below, be from bottom to top more participate in, both photograph is united in wedlock, ability forms the target of integral value and whole, promote all pedagogic major ability and accomplishment namely, promote whole area to teach education level promotion, make ” high-quality goods is taught ” .


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