Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 2 afternoon, nursery school of system of education of base of area of 2019 collect lakes ” year teacher ” choose total final as scheduled and to, leader and the honored guest such as Bin Hua of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of education of area of hair of aqua fortis of deputy director general of bureau of Shenzhen city education, Luo Hu are attended. 6 child teachers that show itself from inside 22 fine athletes are surpassed first are ordinal appearance, tell about oneself from teach story and education the concept, rejoin through the spot at the same time, compare without what lead the link such as forum go all out. Final, group of evaluation of group of long evaluation of group of classics expert evaluation, garden, society, home appoint delegacy spot is chosen, wang Shan Mr. Shan of comely nursery school has the honor to win collect lake area collect lake area 2019 nursery school ” year teacher ” title. The 10th nursery school of Yao Yanhui of teacher of Shenzhen nursery school, Shenzhen city city of pedagogic tall Wei, Shenzhen bank Tian Jun of Zhang Yanling of teacher of nursery school of teaching and administrative staff of Luo Hu district of city of Pang Xiaoyan of teacher of center nursery school, Shenzhen, Shenzhen. “Nursery school teacher needs such platform to establish surveyor’s pole and model too, need the attention of social all circles, care and care too, area of hope collect lake can continue this selection job to be done, and should innovate ceaselessly and develop. ” aqua regia hair expresses, year teacher is told from firm sense, not be to judge come out, do however, also be to rely on good atmosphere to bring up at the same time those who come out, just discover through chosen way, go making, the teacher that makes these outstanding can show itself. Aqua regia hair expresses at the same time, preschool education is a person what teach personally eventually is germinant, it is the basics that the foundation teachs, area of hope collect lake is optimized in preschool education structure, mass promotion, brand is made, the respect such as team construction has special policy to support, the elementary school that is Luo Hu, junior high school, high school lays solid foundation, also be at the same time each area exploration gives more experience in city, contribute the way with good more. As we have learned, to let the teacher of preschool education organic meeting reveals elegant demeanour, 2017, collect lake area takes the lead in beginning nursery school in whole town and even whole nation ” year teacher ” choose, for whole area development of teacher of more than 100 nursery school establishs surveyor’s pole and model, this already was this area runs nursery school the 3rd year ” year teacher ” selection activity.


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