Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 1 20 when make 30 minutes, taxi of BDC7219 of another name for Guangdong Province of An Da company Zhan Zhanke of deputy class driver, a male passenger embarks to arrive around wine shop of seafood of Lu Huacheng of Eden of collect lake area hotel of Great Wall of road of red laurel of collect lake area. When male passenger gets off, be in handbag losing carelessly car back row is left on the seat, in a few minutes again the Che Shicai on the passenger discovers a handbag. But because cannot connect a passenger, zhan Zhanke can reach company total station sign up for equipment to car header first only, remand the handbag subsequently company. Classics examination, there is a bracelet inside the bag, ring 5, flat computer reachs the article such as 5 certificate, value many yuan 200. After male passenger discovers article losing very anxious, passing police station attune to take road surface monitoring to be checked is the car that how amounts to a company, when calling a company to total stage is informed a handbag to break and regain, he is surprizing extremely, after recapture property, thank driver Zhan Zhanke repeatedly and give a praise to the spirit of its not pocket the money one picks up.


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