Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 3 afternoon, development of collect lake area and reform bureau organization are begun ” the government invests byelaw ” (the following abbreviation ” byelaw ” ) special subject grooms the conference, shenzhen city develops innovation appoint investment department is opposite about responsible comrade ” byelaw ” undertook be unscramblinged in the round. Business administrative or technical offices and generation establish whole area related each function branch nearly 100 people attended the unit to groom.
Development of collect lake area and Zu Lin of reform bureau horse communicated district government 7 71 times standing conference is fulfilled about carrying out ” byelaw ” spirit. It is to should accelerate system file to edit, clear with ” byelaw ” the regulation that not agree with, normative whole technological process manages. 2 it is to should make clear a government to invest scope of application, ensure focusing key, essence allows to send force; Prevent from the system ” tap a head ” decision-making, ” project of achievement in one’s post ” and ” figure project ” . 3 it is to want normative early days to examine and approve, aggrandizement carries out a process, the after the event in increasing a job supervises strength, ensure efficient play invests benefit. Representative to having already built a project, the evaluation after wanting to begin works, have comprehensive opinion to the project is examined and approve and be being carried out. Municipal government hair changes appoint investment was in Li Bin to be Introduction Luo Hu ” byelaw ” the principal port that come on stage, detailed unscrambled ” byelaw ” main content, comparative ” byelaw ” with ” government of Shenzhen special economic zone invests project regulation ” dot of similarities and differences, how to carry out fulfil ” byelaw ” offerred relevant job proposal. Groom this, make join meeting personnel to understand further ” byelaw ” relevant provision, do good government to invested project management to lay solid foundation for my area.


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