Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Yesterday, with ” law of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” carry out two years to be chance, shenzhen city Wei Jian appoint the hospital in Luo Hu is in bureau of Wei Jian of area of associated collect lake and group of collect lake hospital jointly the hospital in Luo Hu is held ” Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese travel — Shenzhen city traditional Chinese medical science.
The theme of this second activity is ” culture of health of the medicine in transmission, promote the people healthy accomplishment ” . Deputy mayor Wu Yihuan attends an activity. More than 10 public hospitals of whole town participated in the thematic activity that day and spot jointly justice examine. As we have learned, up to 2018 end, shenzhen city shares medical establishment of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine 781, hold whole town 18.1% of medical establishment. Whole town traditional Chinese medical science hold doctor of course of study amounts to 4802 people, bed of medical establishment of whole town traditional Chinese medical science counts 3815 pieces. In recent years, shenzhen key introduced university of medicine of Beijing traditional Chinese medical science to wait for school of renown courtyard name to do cure education greatly, the hospital in building 3 shell 6; Constitution of traditional Chinese medical science of Great Master of medical service of nation of Wang Qi of university of the medicine in introducing Beijing learns to study the 25 country center such as the group is high group of administrative levels traditional Chinese medical science; Flexible introduce a country name of cure Great Master, whole nation is doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, provincial renown traditional Chinese medical science exceeds 20.


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