Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 4, by Guangdong provincial Party committee propagandist department, Guangdong saves culture and travel hall, Guangdong to save union of literary art group to be sponsorred jointly, the congratulatory People’s Republic of China that art gallery of association of Guangdong province artist, Guangdong undertakes jointly holds water 70 years — exhibition of work of Guangdong province art kicks off in Guangdong art gallery. Showpiece work covers China picture of pink of picture, canvas, woodcut, sculpture, watercolour, mural, lacquer painting, Tao Yi, move free, New Year picture, caricature, comic, illustration and comprehensive data are painterly. The participating work that stops arrival to visit each district completely oneself in all 6646, the course is chosen, 486 work are selected, judge a gold prize in all 7, silver-colored award 15, cupreous award 21, outstanding award 56. As we have learned, exhibition of work of Guangdong province art is Guangdong province 5 years, the omnibus province with the biggest, highest norms extends scope. Current beauty is exhibited, do one’s best behaves formal eulogize with the art of rich and colorful great new era, let one’s thought flow freely and behave ” Chinese dream ” , what 5 years province art creates a Guangdong is new since revealing beauty of the 12nd whole nation to exhibit achievement, the artistic high-quality goods that rolls out a batch to promote old age of Yu Wei of socialistic core viewpoint of value, feel no regret, 70 weeks of time birth of Jing Xianxin China. The reporter interviews know yesterday, height of couplet of Shenzhen city article takes this province seriously to exhibit, the member that organize Shenzhen beautiful society meticulously, created a batch to eulogize the motherland is built and the changes of progress of society of achievement of reforming and opening, report, outstanding work ginseng that shows people spirit scene is exhibited, 144 are judged first, final and selected 51, win a gold prize 1, silver-colored award 4, cupreous award 2, outstanding award 7. Among them, the China that Pan Meng shows is drawn ” sugar cane ground ” win a gold prize; The canvas of Fang Xiaolong, Zhang Kai ” the dream that passes by first sun rays in the morning ” , liu Wen’s canvas ” send off ” , the China of Zheng Guowei, Guo Lanying is drawn ” south slimy bay ah good place ” , sculpture work of Yu Peng ” idyllic 1 ” win silver-colored award; The canvas of Shang Bo, Hao Jiang ” the good time of case mulberry ” win cupreous award; Zhang Liang’s woodcut ” I as if of series go content on purpose ” , he Yongxing’s canvas ” the youth that is like a brick ” , the woodcut that Liu Sheng sets ” do special purchases for the Spring Festival 2 ” , liu Yahua’s China is drawn ” wait for hair ” , wei Ziyi’s canvas ” on building site of · of fresh gale scene ” , fu Zhongji’s China is drawn ” snow region is lucky ” , the China of Yan Xiaoping, Liang Yan is drawn ” a bundle of spring scenery ” win outstanding award. It is reported, this the exhibition will be exhibited continuously to on July 20.


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