Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The scientific accomplishment that loves science, happy creation to foster broad children adolescent and ability. On June 29, party committee of community of street Wen Hua combines Huang Bei bureau of innovation of science and technology of area of Shenzhen city collect lake was begun ” walk into Shenzhen city observatory, the brigade with exploration wonderful universe ” activity of series of week of activity of countrywide science and technology. This second popular science carried out an activity to attract the enthusiasm of 44 community dwellers to participate in in all, mobile content includes to see popular science hall, muti_function hall and astronomy building, let participate in dweller much azimuth to understand astronomy knowledge, offer the opportunity that handles instrument of astronomy science observation with one’s own hands for its. Community lives group of v/arc civil corps round understanding spaceflight knowledge. Staff member of the street observatory that offer a plan lets a child experience level of celestial body weight above all, experience difference of different spherical gravity, undertake explaining to principle of lunar eclipse of model of constellation, 8 major planet, solar eclipse again, the acknowledge that arouses child astronomy knowledge is enthusiastic. Subsequently, reveal climate of the four seasons to form the study with 24 solar term through newsreel, let children understand the reason of scientific backside, explore the science in the life, the children of the spot people express in succession very very interesting, magical, very the content that expects place of each popular science. The activity is last, participate in dwellers to be in together muti_function hall watchs time-lapse photography video, deepen the understanding of pair of astronomy knowledge, after many parents had been watched encourage children actively much observation, much exploration, much practice, discover the world, discovery with scientific eye the universe, brave exploration is sealed.


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