Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 29 – 30 days, east the lake is street the people’s livelihood that looks at community greatly is executive project ” I am to look at small host greatly ” pupil guides the member that admire protects water to pass take the action to be held as scheduled, in will look at community greatly oneself Party committee, big look at community party group 12 pupil that service center combination looks at to the school is bred greatly guide of the member that admire guide below, close child people understanding visited courtyard of deep water compasses ” look at project of community sewage disposal greatly ” reach Wu of Shenzhen town water (group) visit the station that make water greatly, learned relevant environmental protection to protect water knowledge. 360 kiss child in small guide the member that admire guides next visitting that visit community sewage treatment plant greatly. Street although,offer a plan early-warning of two days of successive high temperature, small guide the member that admire people and close child people still be opposite interest of the action that protect water is full. The first station of the activity is to look at community sewage treatment plant, waterworks greatly, small guide the member that admire people kiss to what participate in child people introduced this project why to can be built, how does the craft of waterworks, drinking water that visits community greatly come, probe the mystery of tap water, sewage together, walk into look at community greatly ” water world ” . Walk when looking around, noise is run in orderly machine in, small guide the member that admire does not forget to remind: “Brother little sisters, look not to know sophisticated machine and flow chart to have nothing to do with, we should remember having only such a flock of people, such establishment is being paid everyday, have clean water to let us. This is a very great project, then we can be accomplished managing with water, cherish each ‘ the source of life ‘ . “Subsequently, in small guide of the member that admire guide below, participate in personnel to walk into green line line of bright of river bank ooze, guide path of tirelessly of the member that admire comes the origin of green line and reservoir, history culture that looks greatly, and on the way all sorts of floral grow characteristics. Introduce according to relevant controller, project of small fact of the people’s livelihood ” I am to look at small host greatly ” the activity guides with pupil the member that admire is example, guide cheeper to be established as a child ” love water ” ” cherish water ” ” protect water ” consciousness, know the history that looks at community greatly then. Provide the practice platform of diversification for community children at the same time, enhance its to reach communication capacity from confidence, strengthen children community thereby attributive feeling, build children in all friendly model city.


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