Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Last a period of time 6 years, area of Shenzhen collect lake is faced with ” east lake water is tired ” difficult problem is able to defeat solution eventually, nearly 30 thousand dwellers are drunk ” be at ease water ” , the desire that drinks par water is about to come true. Recently, focusing of month of activity of Shenzhen city delegate ” east lake water is stranded ” last kilometer. As we have learned, up to this year in June, east lake piece the project of project main body such as area perch reservoir is whole already construction ends, will this month 30 days of implementation connect water, east lake ” land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another ” the dweller is about to drink on be at ease water. “East lake piece the district is municipal water supply ” the project of project main body such as exalted reservoir is whole already construction ends. It is difficult to defending reservoir to use water run 6 solution strands a reporter to understand end of the year, as a result of historical reason, 10 come for years, collect lake area east the lake is street second line the many dwellers village of a land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another area (hill lake house, green mirror mountain villa of heart of hill of house, pan, cloth to wait) municipal water supply fails to arrive directly, the life that place of nearly 30 thousand dwellers uses uses water to be able to use pressurization pump 2 times temporarily by each enterprise only or 3 times pressurization furnishs, not only water quality, hydraulic difference, water cost is high also, give an area resident daily life bring very big inconvenience. The dweller that lives on reservoir edge does not have water to drink, the dweller understands hard, complain to relevant section for many times not if really. 2012, receive into community in the delegate in visitting an activity, dwellers are mirrorred most, it is this problem. “It is difficult to cannot let a dweller defending reservoir to use water absolutely. ” for scanty solution the dweller uses water difficult issue, during area National People’s Congress was met 2013, by Luo Hu area National People’s Congress takes the lead on behalf of Chen Zhifang, two class representing put forward many urban district on the foundation in survey about solving ” east lake water is tired ” the proposal proposal of the problem, standing committee of area National People’s Congress makes this proposal proposal sponsor by bureau of area water Wu. This proposal proposal had turn very quickly. Height of group of town water Wu values the proposal of representing, began the construction of project of relevant water supply Summer 2013. However the progress of the project is not great. Because the project provides the opposition of village of part of net place by way of and stand in the way, the project uses the account such as the ground, cost, the project is forced 5 times shutdown. Every time, representing launch survey in the light of specific issue, offer a solution, promote a project new go into operation. 2016, use ground issue in the light of the project, shenzhen city and combination of standing committee of collect lake borough hold National People’s Congress to ask politics meeting on behalf of TV, invite relevant function branch and delegate of National People’s Congress ” east lake water is tired ” settlement way undertakes discussion, this asks politics meeting classics media to the report causes social attention. The leader that visit town makes important written instructions to solving this problem respectively, drove the progress of the project. Shutdown of project last time happened last year in August, because the project was enrolled 2012,project cost, protracted open man-hour to 2018, the expenses such as artificial stuff already rose considerably, the contract is fulfilled hard, project construction enters deadlock. Delegate of urban National People’s Congress acts again, suggest procuratorate of Luo Hu area spreads out commonweal lawsuit to supervise on one hand, send a delegate to contact construction of case requirement project to just be brave in to assume social responsibility on one hand, solve a problem quickly. Representing drive below, last year in October, project again go back to work, go well up to now. From National People’s Congress the delegate is received visit on-the-spot survey, arrive from proposal proposal ask politics meeting, from sign and issue a delegate to contact case to arrive for many times the spot is harmonious meeting… the effort that passes representing to be as long as 6 years, drive the materiality of this project to solve eventually, to this year in June, “East lake piece the district is municipal water supply ” the project of project main body such as exalted reservoir is whole already construction ends, undertaking pump room equipment moves the work such as construction of experiment of store water of room, reservoir, afforest at present, will connect water at coming true in July. So far, “Lake water is stranded east ” difficult problem is defeated to solve eventually. Luo Hu realizes 480 villages high grade drinking water to enter door in pan hill perch reservoir survey spot, luo Wenzhi of director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress is mentioned, “East lake piece the district is municipal water supply ” it is very important to the follow-up after project complete moves and manage, should make sure the dweller can be used sail upstream, use high grade water. The president Wu Hui of group of town water Wu explains, arrive from raw water the water of faucet uses a level, regular meeting assures by the standard east lake piece area resident is drunk on high grade tap water. It is reported, collect lake area accelerates conduit to update, had realized 480 villages high grade drinking water is entered door, next year bottom will be finished entirely. “Reservoir has been built, can you make sure every village can use safe water, high grade water on time? How to do good water quality to monitor the work? ” can go up in the discuss official business that runs subsequently, delegate of city National People’s Congress and dweller delegate make a speech in succession, the operation management of odd to the project job offerred opinion proposal. Undertake on behalf of the proposal sectional chief expresses, will press progress schedule of exalted reservoir work to push a project in order, ensure dweller of golden lake community knows the time of water and quality, if meet the special condition that affects time limit for a project, need to make put on record, ensure the target is reached. Additional, after water Wu project ends, should shift to an earlier date fair show the plan that reinstates afforest, let circumjacent dweller know fairly well, assure answer green time and effect. The second line that includes to be destroyed when survey closes partial way road surface, want to undertake resumptive. In addition naughty golden hill elementary school and the fire control that clean out golden hill nursery school use water project, concern construction of sectional pool efforts by city, area, had done between join the job. “I am the dweller that hill lake resides, project of this the people’s livelihood very not easy, last a period of time 6 years. The lake is a good place east, but so good place, linear from reservoir distance is so close, we are to use 2 class water supply, 3 class water supply all the time ” , the dweller says with all sorts of feelings on behalf of Shenyang Zuo . His hope project can as soon as possible finishing, let a dweller be drunk at an early date on be at ease water. “I thank delegate of each National People’s Congress on behalf of school collectivity teachers and students, run in what everybody represents below ‘ east lake water is tired ‘ the problem was solved eventually. ” group of Wu of water of hope of Deng Shaoyong of president of elementary school of hill of dweller delegate, pan can ensure will term begins on September 1 this year, the school can be used on municipal with water, also can solve school fire control to use water issue at the same time, this is to give children ” best gift ” .


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