Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, in Luo Hu garden of earth of Ou Taibai road east, many resident discover, there is a whole body in the parking lot snow-white, of long approximate fox ” doggie ” . Every time somebody takes food to stand by, it comes out to denounce feed, hide again before long below carriage return. Via understanding of center of minister of Shenzhen wild animal, this animal is arctic fox, belong to 3 have protective animal, after be being raised by citizen privately, abandon. Current, arctic fox already was sent toward minister center. According to owner Ms. Wang introduces, she sees a resident of the village raised a fox to do pet before this, the person is taken the advantage of before about half month carelessly, close the fox in basket, discard in village parking lot. Before long, the fox runs to roam about in the village from basket, often hide to the car next, because this is pressed by the car,still broke a foreleg. Because do not know specific it is which resident place is raised, cannot remand the fox so. Staff member of center of minister of classics Shenzhen wild animal identifies, this fox is an arctic fox, belong to our country 3 have protective animal, namely the has value of important zoology, science, society land that the country protects gives birth to wild animal. Current, this only arctic fox already was sent toward center of minister of Shenzhen wild animal, after waiting for the condition of an injury to improve, after passing epidemic prevention, feed, turn over relevant section again. (the gentleman that ask sand receives newspaper stuff award 100 yuan)


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