Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Sweep to strengthen dweller of area under administration to be opposite further black except the evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting, witting rate that establishs the job in safety, build the social atmosphere of stable harmony, on June 27 in the evening 19 when, square of Dong Xiao park, xiao Jie path was held east ” sweep black except evil protect security of · of the people’s livelihood civilized hurried is harmonious ” activity of propagandist literary joint performance, nearly 1000 masses attended periphery activity. Reality of this press close to of second activity content, form is diversiform, include: Allegretto ” I am the plugger that prohibit toxin ” , ” black evil divide surely, use up except evil Wu ” , comic dialogue ” each trying to cheat the other ” , essay ” I am the member that install check ” wait for a program, showed masses of area under administration adequately to participate in found in safety, sweep black except evil enthusiasm; At the same time the thrust deep into the enemy forces in the activity undertook about sweeping black except evil, restful found and turn over ” cover a road to borrow ” knowledge having reward is interactive interlocution, effectively deepened a dweller to be opposite the impression of relevant knowledge, promoted a dweller black to sweeping the understanding that divides evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting, increased an interest sex of literary joint performance and masses to participate in a gender. Literary exhibit perform the spot, by Dong Xiaojie path and each community workstation comprised the spot to publicize advisory phalanx, in order to exhibit board reveal, data of propagandist banner, conduct propaganda and propaganda paterial are distributed wait for a variety of means, revealed concise and intuitionisticly to the dweller sweep black except evil achievement, restful construction effect reachs relevant law laws and regulations knowledge and inform against promotive mechanism, the spot accepts masses to seek advice from 600 more than person-time, extend propagandist data more than 4000. In recent years, dong Xiaojie path is being swept black except evil, restful in founding the job fruitful. One of, propagandist effect is extensive and thorough, hold to ” start masses, support masses ” working principle, begin extensively continuously deep sweep black except fierce fight propaganda, use thematic propaganda to promote consequence, thorough community to begin network of home of community of conduct propaganda, open up to publicize network position. Secondly, punish black vicious power has effect, since special accuse and denounce at a meeting, dawn police station takes the lead to begin of all kinds security of society to govern the operation integratedly energetically east, environment of public security of area under administration promotes significantly, area under administration always alarm affection drops compared to the same period 3.4% , social side is smooth and orderly, public security state lasts to good. Thirdly, ironhanded and eradicative ” seafood bully ” vicious power, the Dongxiao after be informed the true state of affairs is street the party is versed in appoint establish market of cloth auspicious seafood to sweep for a short while black head a group except evil job and make special job plan, each relevant function branch catchs condominium together to form resultant force, bring comrade of the Party member inside the market into play actively to take an active part in sweep black except evil job, at the same time ” give priority to in case ” , strengthen the product value inside the market to supervise continuously, food safety quality is superintended and environment of the appearance of a city superintends the job, increase execute the law integratedly strength.


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